Have any good games come out recently (PS4)?

Last games I purchased (aside from pre-ordering Borderlands 3) were the Division 2 and Sekiro.

Ugh, and Rage 2.

What an INCREDIBLE let down Rage 2 was!

Toyed with the idea of getting Anthem, but gonna give it some time to see if they fix existing issues.

Has anything new and good been released recently?

Again, I’m on PS4.

Thanks in advance for any answers?

There are lots of great games that were released recently:


Mortal Kombat 11 (If you like fighting games).

Kingdom Hearts 3 (If you like RPGs.).


Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Ohhh kingdom hearts 3 really?

Passed Red Dead Redemption 2 last November.

Never played the first one (PS3 died with the disc inside it literally the day I started it).

Was great! Slower and more horseback riding simulator than I realized.

I didn’t discover fast travel until I had done every side mission and most side activities and was on the final mission of the game lol.

Been intrigued by Spider Man by a while, heard great things.

I don’t do fighters, sorry.

Bloodstained is new one by the Castlevania guy, right?

My younger brother is playing it right now.

Yes, it is. I heard some good things about it.

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No, just no. They took a lot of the skill based aspect away from the game by adding a gear system. Play MKX if you want a real MK game on current gen

Red dead redemption 2 was 10/10 tho

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Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

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