Have any ideas for small fixes and improvements?

I figure many people have ideas to improve the multiplayer, so here is a Topic section for any small improvements that the devs could easily implement into the game.

I personally would like to have a lobby to talk to the people I played with after matches so I could say gg, trash talk, and such.

My number 1 thing is a way to show who you want to play without selecting them on console. Would help make reasonable team compositions in solo queue.

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I completely agree, there needs to be a way to show what battleborn you want without actually having to lock in on it. It gets annoying when I want to play a certain character but don’t want to lock in just in case I need to play a certain role. Plus most people just rush to lock in on the character they want instead of communicating with the team. This will allow people to communicate, even just a little, as to what role each person wants to take.

I hate how you can have 2 of the same person on the team…

Today I had 2 noobie Montana’s. They had no clue what they were doing.

You can’t in multiplayer and can turn it off in pve Might have to be a private game though, not sure. I don’t personally play much pve.

My mistake…I forgot I was in the multi player section lol

Marquise sniping the sentry from across the map is easy to counter. simply shoot him when ever he comes up. if hes glitching the wall so you cant see him then yes that’s annoying and should be fixed but marquise is not that big of a threat. he dies fast. simply shoot him a few times and he will go running it happens every time i fight one. after that he will spend more time out of combat healing and regenerating his shield then he will fighting the sentry thus making him a wasted character on the enemy team. it just takes a bit of thinking behind how to deal with it rather then jumping to hes overpowered and needs to be nerfed. he is a sniper after all he is meant to do alot of damage, to someone who can effectively snipe hes useful if they’re bad at sniping hes usless and if they nerf him people just wont play him anymore theres not much you can do if you play a low damage squishy player class who hasnt much way to stun/blind/immobilize. and only has a slowing aoe which can be easily avoided.