Have drop rates been increased?

In the last two days I’ve seen Pearlescents drop in Murderlin’s Temple, Pete’s Bar, and from a red chest. Is RNGesus smiling upon on me, or have world drop rates been massively increased?

Any second gen pearls? I’ve vaguely wondered if the drop rates have changed for those specifically with the level increase.

Only first gen, I don’t think you can get second gen as world drops?

Someone posted in another thread that the drop rate boosts for the original OP1-OP8 now apply to levels 73-80. So yes, drop rates did effectively increase once you get past 72. Hopefully that will take a little bit of the sting out of the pain the changes have wrought.


No. Tubbies only. I neglected to register where you were farming. More coffee please.

Just came across that. Hopefully we can dig up some real numbers.

Edit : I just watched Shadow’s vid which included a bit regarding tubby drop rates. He was spectacularly vague, but it very much sounds like 20% is still the cap and it’s available at level 80/OP0.

So that’s great for sub-OP tubby farming, but it’s frankly bizarre and somewhat lazy (as you level from 72, chances start to improve from 1%). I’ll keep a lookout on Discord for any confirmation.

Also if anyone has access to this info, please PM me.