Have EMP5 100% damage on ASE, want Kyb’s Worth x3 with bonus element for two mags or splash damage after iron bear

I have an EMP5 anointed with 100% damage on ASE, and I would like a Kyb’s Worth x3 with fire and bonus fire damage for two mags after action skill end, or with bonus splash damage after exiting Iron Bear. I’d prefer the bonus element on ase and it doesn’t have to be fire but that’s preferable.

I have the 100 ASE EM P5.

Looking for new items with decent anointments, or an EM P5 I don’t have, or a 250% Corosive Infinity.

Have a X3 Kyb’s in Fire and forget the other element anointed with 125% Splash Damage.

Have a X2 that actually has higher stats than the X3. Honestly don’t see the X3 as better when the base stats are so low and cost you extra ammo. Haven’t tested it, but going off the numbers it looks worse.