Have factions strengthened or weakened the potential of the roster?

Just a passing thought recently. Do you think factions have limited creativity or strengthened it? In a game about the last star in the universe, you’d think to see a much…MUCH more diverse cast of characters. Don’t get me wrong, the cast is great and I love the majority of them, but I feel that by locking them in “themed” groups, there is an overall lack of variety. There are three bird-like characters after all. Obviously the game has been created and that’s that, but what about future characters if they are to be introduced? Fourth bird themed Battleborn anyone? :confused:

In all fairness of the comment about too many birds it should be noted that it’s because they come from an entire planet of avian themed inhabitants. Technically the Jennerit are all the same race too, (minus Attikus of course) but you don’t hear people complain about that.

On the actual topic I don’t think it’s limited creativity that much. Think about how many different races actual exist in this game. The eldrid are the best example in my opinion. You have a talking mushroom and ice skeleton (which is actually a mass of micro-organisims).

Yea, we have three different AI type characters, but they all feel and look different from each other. When you get down to the last solar system in existence, you’re bound to run into some of the same types of races. Also not everyone who’s still alive is willing to fight. If you look into the lore, you find out that most of the rest of the survivors are doing just that, trying to survive. The newest enemy in Toby’s raid is a different race, we haven’t seen.

I guess I kind of got off the main topic a bit, but my point is the factions don’t feel restricting to me, because not everyone in that faction is the same race, or similar personalities. Everyone feels very unique in their own way.


In the Jennerit faction we have three people of the same race, a heavily mutated thrall, and a Kemessian in a combat mech suit.

In the UPR we have two birds, two somewhat normal people, a clone of a fish person, and a several hundred year old Helician.

In the Eldrid we have a dwarf, an elf, a half blood elf/human, a hive mind fungus, a hive mind ice golem, and a half blood helician/human monk.

In the Rouge faction we have a four armed verimorph chaos witch, a failed fish person clone, a space pirate, a penguin in a mech suit, a one armed snake and a teenage girl controlling a rock monster.

In the LLC we have a cyborg luchadore, a Victorian style fencer, an insane AI who is aware he’s in a video game, an old man who rides a battle throne, a robot sniper gentleman, and a comic book super hero style robot.

I really don’t think there’s a lack of variety in the roster.


Caldarius is not a Jennerit, he is a Kemessian.

Alani is half-bred? Oh my where did i miss that? 0.o

Yep. Helicians are drier than Galilea’s humor so she had surgery performed by the monks to be aquatic

Oh i was under the impression that Helicia had multilple races like the those who live on land, those in water, and the Roa. Looks like i need to brush up on my BB History

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Factions have weakened the Roster!

I’m also a bit miffed about all the damn birbs. Considering how my favorite character is Ernest though, who was the last birb introduced, I can look the other way.

I think that it didn’t have to be that way, factions didn’t have to limit character design, but it just ended up that way, which saddens me.

LLC has too many magni?Magnuses? to where about half of them are that. Eldrid have too many Elves, TOO MANY! UPR too many humanoid soldiers which is the worst thing imho. Jennerit are my least favorite faction (Ambra being one of my top 3 characters though), and then the Rogues are awesome since they have the most diversity.

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Imagine the game without factions. All the characters would just kinda “be there” without any real explaination. There wouldn’t be much in terms of connections between charcters, they would just be like “this one is friends with this one and stuff.” It would be pretty lame.

Imo, factions give the game a little more lore, a little more color and background. I mean, what if there where no Jennerit? Rendain would just be “some guy” out to destroy the last star. The Thrall would be pretty “there because I said so” as well.

Imagine the lack of the UPR. It would feel like the Battleborn were some dudes that were like “lol let’s save the universe or whatever” one day, instead of an organized group brought together by Ghalt.

The game would feel about as meaningless as Overwatch (not counting expanded universe). It would just be “haha what are we doing again?”


It’s in one of the battleplan lores.