Have: Fade Away Sniper, Iron Bear Crossroad, other goodies

Got some interesting melee & cryo in the pile as well. This is what hunting down, in no particular order:

Zane Annointed - Ten Gallon (Radiation), The Companion, Laser Sploder (Corrosive, still a great gun after teh 10/17 patch), Executor class mod (Jakobs accuracy, any buffs for Jakobs, Torgue, Tediore), Faisor (Corrosive), Electric Slide Rocket Boots

Amara Annointed Phasegrasp- Binary Destructo Spinner (Corrosive/Fire or Corrosive/Radiation), Nimbus class mod, Conference Call (any element except Cryo)

I have an anointed Companion I would trade for your Ice Breaker Launch Pad.

Sweet. Is it Zane or generic? Picture would help :stuck_out_tongue:

I have these two:

  • The Companion (anointed, +250% damage after using phasecast)
  • The Companion (fire, anointed, +weapon accuracy and handling after action skill)

The second could be interesting, sent you a pm.

Electric Slide Rocket Boots would also be fun :slight_smile: @unbreakable I replied earlier, the revolver looks like a winner for me.

Let me know if you’d be willing to trade your Knife Drain Commander Planetoid for this (fire & rad):

Also got this for Zane:

Regarding the Destructo Spinner, only the Binary version shoots both elements at the same time (going for Phasegrasp on my Amara). That Sploder is solid though (I didn’t even know it could get the 2 ammo effect).