Have formations been fixed yet?

Bought the game at launch but didn’t touch the remasters when I heard they weren’t working properly. Has this been fixed?

They have not. They are apparently not even considered broken.

So I paid a hundred dollars for an inferior version of each game… I guess this is the last Gearbox game I buy.

Thats a load of c**p right there, formations are being worked on as we speak and thats a fact long known to anyone who actually reads some of the major threads on this forum … so stop spouting nonesense when there is plenty of information that shows that formations ARE being worked on ! They are simply not considered broken because THEY AREN’T, formations work just as they did in Homeworld 2 classic, nothing is broken, the options for Homeworld 1 classic formations that work the same way are simply missing, not broken.

I’m so sick and tired of people spreading false informations and half truths when there is so much proof to the contrary.

And if you spent a 100$ on a game without getting any information beforehand then the one to blame is none other than yourself …


Yep, they are being worked on. Search for formations in the forum.


LOL, we just had a thread closed yesterday similar to this…no man, not fixed YET. Though Gbox did mention they’re working on it. When? well, that’s the mystery :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t go down the “is it broken/not? is this a remastered or an HD?”…those topics have turn the conversations a little acid in the past.

I also wasted some good money, but that is just for us the consumers to learn…READ the forum before purchasing.


On a second thought…can a mod lock this? I mean…we all know where this leads :wink:

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In any case I guess I’ll just wait even longer. Still not comfortable buying gearbox games anymore and I don’t mean this in some kind of pout-y, stamping my feet kinda way. I just can’t believe they can’t get things right even with the original team working alongside them.

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Really? No one is going to say anything about the $100 comment?

Where are you shopping? It cost me about $30 dollars at release…

Probably he got this: http://www.amazon.com/Homeworld-Remastered-Collectors-Edition-Pc/dp/B00K6ZUOQE
It looks awesome.


I guess you are not very familiar with the remastering procedures for this game (no offense) ? They ported Homeworld 1 to the Homeworld 2 engine to have a seamless experience and also because it was technically superior to the engine used in Hw1.

This also had some downsides, one of them being the fact that formations work entirely different in Hw2 than they did in Hw1 and it is not easy to recreate the behavior of Hw1 in the new engine. Several devs have stated multiple times on the forum that they actually need to rewrite some serious parts of the core engine to get this to work and therefore it is a time consuming, error prone and hard process, thus taking so long ;).

I hope this clears things up for you and you can somewhat better understand why its not such an easy thing to do as it might sound at first. This of course does not excuse the fact that interviews before launch were suggesting something different and that a feature that was part of Hw1 was/is not (yet) implemented in the game the way it used to work but should have at launch.

But we must remember that this game was created/remastered on a budget far smaller (I assume) than your average new big game and was never going to reach sale numbers anywhere close to what triple A games do, as it caters to a relatively small target group. So I think they kinda had to release it at an (too ?) early stage to see if the sale numbers justify the effort and judging from the awesome after launch support it seems that they are very dedicated to deliver the game they promised us, even if somewhat delayed ;).


Perhaps it would ease tension if we could have an unofficial estimation or progress report.

Oh… so it is being worked on. That’s a relief :smile: . I made this acc especially just to rant about how could possibly this awesome feature from HW & HW cataclysm got removed.
But now that I know it’s going to be put back, I can be happy. Just for time being I won’t be playing HW remastered because it simply UNBEARABLE!!

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Glad I could clear that up, although I don’t agree that the game is currently unbearable, I think its quite a lot of fun as it is, but that doesn’t keep me from really looking forward to seeing the new formations in action :smiley:

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I disagree with that. With any estimate comes certain assumptions about the different problems associated. If something isn’t solved along that assumed timeline, or if fixing one thing breaks something else, then your self-created deadline becomes impossible to hit. This means that the fact that you made the estimate in the first place has now exacerbated the issue it was supposed to mitigate, and the FUD that you’ve generated could now keep prospective customers from buying.

Tl;dr - the cost/benefit of doing what you suggest will never make sense, and the only answer we’ll ever get to the question of “when?” will always be “when it’s done.” Unfortunately, we’re going to just have to wait and ser.

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OK Governer