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After reaching level 74 tonight, I decided to try Overwatch for a while. I give this game a lot of chances and waited 3 weeks for viable matchmaking, but I decided to call it a day. 20 minute waits are just too much, but not the only reason I quit. I find there are a select few TOP characters who can own every Meltdown match. If I wanted to win a game, I just picked Rath or Oscar. The balance is gone, and for me, Gearbox is not acting fast enough with changes. I just don’t see the progress this game needed and deserved. Last few weeks where frustrating, since I really looked out for Battleborn. I bought the pre order and played the Open Beta. Battleborn was the game I was hoping to play for many months, instead of a few weeks. Oh well, I know I’m just one of many and I know Gearbox doesn’t care much. If they did, they would have a done a better job fixing the flaws.

Have fun all, I will check in a few weeks too see if the game is balanced and matchmaking is okay. If it isn’t, I will resell the game and hope I make someone else happy.

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Sounds like a newbie to the Gearbox community.


Before you quit i should say, that Blizzard didn’t fix matchmaking after almost 2 years in their HoTS project.
And even after these 2 years, they continue to make the same mistakes. Their new anounced matchmaking remake (completely stolen from LoL) is still trash-like.

So, you will see same unbalanced match in overwatch, too. But what can i truely say - blizzard will never make anything close to “balance”. They aren’t interested in it. Blizzard director does not love game industry, so he will never lead this company to make a really good product.

You waited for weeks here, you will wait for years there. If you won’t be bored after 10 or 20 hours of gameplay (what happened in my case).


Good luck, OP.

See you back here next week, when you’re already bored of OW.


Please stay respectfull towards each other.

This topic will now be closed, its leading to nothing positive or constructive.

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