Have GRoll class mods for Moze

Hello people,
I made some screenshots what I have to offer,
I just started playing the game again after a long break. So anything that helps my amara zane or flakk build I’ll take especially good class mods.
Pretty much set on artifacts and shields or they must be groll.
Let me know what you have or want :+1:
Cheers and stay safe

You lucky dog …

A good COM has always been the most difficult piece of gear for me to acquire. I still dont think I’ve ever scored a COM with all 3 passives being useful to a single build or that have synergy with the other two passives.

Thanks mate :slight_smile: I wish I was that lucky traded most of them with my friends but I wanna offer them on this forum as well :+1:


Hey, slobbery, me again, nice mods. I would be interested in all three of the lev 60s, what could I offer you in return?

GT is conch8

Hey man nice seeing you again , any chance you got good class mods for amara zane or flakk ?

Will send you my best that I am using now. For each. OK? Lev 60s

Yeah perfect I’ll send those 3 mods ASAP to you :+1:

GT is RayMaker34. I’ll take the 3 60 class mods. I’ll send you some items on I used on my Amara.

Sorry, forgot your GT

Mrbs87 :wink:

Mistake, my Zane is only a 57 but it is a good one.

Sure thing :+1:

That’s fine as long if the class mod is good :slight_smile:

Well I sent those three and also added my Blast Master mod, which is killer. Have never seen Moze stronger than she is now. Zane too. Out of the four, easily my strongest toons.
Thanks, sk, stay safe and cheers, buddy.

Hi, I’m interested in that Mindsweeper mod (if you haven’t sold it yet). What are you looking for in particular?

Send bro :+1: enjoy them and stay safe

Still got them what can you offer ? Any groll class mods yourself ?

Now’s the time I regret trashing my newer Amara and Zane mods…

For Fl4k, do you want only LV 60 mods? I have 2 here that are LV 50

I’ll check my other characters to see if I have any other mods on there that I can offer but I completely understand if you don’t want these.

Haha got a ton of level 50 class mods myself I got a thing for class mods prefer them over guns to collect. Any facepuncher with 300/90 lvl 60 ? Or any good relics ? Like elemental projector white elephant with good stats for melee ?

I have a ton of elemental projectors and some good class mods I can trade you. Also have consec hits weapons etc. I’ll send you three things for those three mods that were all 60 and for Moze.