Have I encountered a glitch or something?

I’m on playthrough 2, level 53 currently. I’d like to move on to playthrough 2.5, but I can’t kill the Destroyer. The reason why, is because of my weapons.

You see, my weapons say they’re level 50-53 in my inventory, or in chests/shops, wherever. But when I equip them, the level of the weapon drops by 10 or more. All enemies have scaled, so when I shoot at them, it barely tickles them.

Is this a glitch or did I screw up somehow?

There was going to be a feature where having a high proficiency in weapon classes would allow you to use weapons that were higher levels than you. What you’re seeing is a ghost of that system(that wasn’t implemented in the end).

Don’t know what to say about you doing less damage, this doesn’t affect the stats of guns in any way.

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That’s one of the first glitches that was noticed. It stems from earlier (and not removed) code that linked gun level to proficiency level. Don’t worry about it. The level given when on the ground is accurate.

Ooh, ninja’ed.

I also don’t know why the gun damage thing is happening. The destroyer does take a lot of bullets, though.

If everything should be working as normal, I’m not sure why I’m having issues killing stuff. I know the Destroyer is notorious for being a huge bullet sponge, but by the time I’ve even made half a dent in his health bar, I’m out of ammo because my guns barely do any damage.

I guess I’ll figure something out, or I’ll just move on to BL2 and try it another time when I have more patience.

There’s something about that fight that I’ve never quite been able to figure out - sometimes it seems easy, and sometimes - like you - ammo is a real problem. I ended up squeaking through my last time because I had various weapons with built-in ammo regen, and was able to occasionally grab other ammo from critical hits on the tentacles.

Also, doesn’t the levelling up/next play-through thing happen simply by going into that final area? I seem to recall getting my butt kicked that way when I went through with my first character.

You’re shooting him in the eye and purple tentacle nodes, right?

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I am hitting him in the eye and the purple tentacle nodes, yes.

I also thought that Playthrough 2.5 opened up when you got that far, but I guess not because my only options upon loading up are playthrough 1 or 2.

PT 2.5 is unlisted, as PT2 morphs into PT2.5 when you enter that area.

Oh, I figured it’d show up when you choose your character, like when it asks which playthrough you want.

No, that’s only since BL2.

Finally managed to kill the Destroyer, thanks to reading what VaultHunter101 posted about a gun with ammo regen.

Took awhile but I managed to whittle his health down little by little.

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The problem is this:

Attacker level − defender level Damage multiplier
−1 0.8
−2 0.6
−3 0.4
Fighting the Destroyer while falling behind even few levels results in significiant nerf to all damage done to him.

Is that on top of the lower base damage of lower level weapons? If so… OUCH!

Only lower damage to everything. However if you consider that the Destroyer’s HP pool was originally scaled to be fought at lvl50 before level caps were raised and with all of DLCs he goes up to lvl57 boss… There is no wonder why he takes so long to kill at lvl53. Everything does just 0.2*normal damage to a boss designed to be fought at equal level.

That really does explain so much - thanks!

^ I would like to add that weapon damage in BL1 scales linearly unlike in BL2 where it scales exponentially. Hence the proportional difference between a level n and a level n+1 weapon decreases at higher levels in BL1, unlike in BL2 where it is constant. The result is that a weapon slightly underleveled at endgame doesn’t perform much worse, but at low characters levels the same difference is massive.

That being said, Level difference in BL1 between the player character and the enemy being fought effects both damage dealt and taken (for both parties) hence an enemy 3 levels above you is basically always VERY dangerous, and since, in PT2.5 (technically 2.5 because as soon as you enter that area you are in 2.5 except for DLC3 which scales on it’s own w/ first knoxx kill and associated armory run) the Destroyer scales to your level (+ a few), hence he is always pretty dangerous and REALLY tanky (due to taking reduced damage). So yea, he is a giant bullet sponge the 2nd time around.