Have i lost my lvl 70 Nisha totally?

Hey guys! I was doing mission Eradicate for Systems Purge and i accidentaly turn the guest wrongly so i got the stupid pistol which i did’nt take, i dashboarded! Disn’t help! I’m playing xbox by the way. Then i went to my saves and thought that the Nisha save was the to delete cause thought it was the last save, time and date matched! So i press delete…and now the game can’t find the Nisha at all, so only thing is to start all over again! Or is there some way to find that save?

Please in advance!

I think your save file is gone unless you backed it up.

You only have one save file per character. If you delete that file your character is deleted permanently if you didn’t make any backups

Yeah, thaks guys, it’s gone…my life have no meaning anymore, snif :wink: She had the best guns

Well is there any tools, like recuva to dig out files…

so u don’t backup your saves to online or usb, OUCH, had that prob when I first started BL series, learned real fast to always double backup my saves, my PS4 does it automatically to PSN online, but always manually backup to usb when im done playing for the day, I feel for ya mmiv67

Thanks man! I think i hook up xbot with memorystick from this moment on! Though i don’t know if it helps cause i don’ t remember to do the backup any way. But Losing lvl Nisha with all those weapons stings so bad that yesterday after work i started with Athena lvl 62, but was so pissed that i almost through out the window the whole xbot :wink: :wink:

maybe someone who does xbox can explain how to backup save to usb, not sure sense I use PS4, and don’t throw that system out the window LOL, especially over this game. I know that feeling myself, but the game just aint worth buying a new system over.