Have I missed their press release for Director's (spring) cut?

I’ve read that there will be some “behind the scenes” and some “extra quests” and some “endgame”.

That is literally all I know.

With the season pass dropping imminently, who is buying it based on that amount of info (or have I missed a press release?)?

I mean, I’m not into the Designer’s cut, but I think I might buy Director’s cut… but right now I would hesitate to buy the season pass as I have no idea what half of it even is.

Seems like, if you can’t wait, it might be better to go a la carte.

I’m expecting extra quests in the vein of that one time when around the release of Tales game, the new Pre-Sequel patch notes said “we added a new mission” and it took like 5 minutes to do, most of it was standing and listening to Nakayama. Awesome!

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