Have legendary COMs taken away from team synergy builds?

In BL1, I had a lot of fun with my buddies discussing and playing different builds that optimized the team’s overall effectiveness, though admittedly, aside from healers, we usually found that maxing out each individual’s DPS worked best, but still. It seems like the legendary COMs are very popular choices in TPS (with good reason), but do you guys think team synergy focused builds are going to the wayside because of the leg. COMs? Just curious, looking for discussion.

I don’t think so because team skills > team coms and all the characters have much more team synergy skills than bl1 had.

I think it detracts, but only slightly. There’s a lot of class mods that boost accuracy, team max health, team max shields, ammo regen, health regen (I’m probably missing one). However, it has never been the case that having any of these bonuses was necessary, or even entirely effective.

They only become game changing/breaking if EVERYONE uses the same class mod (and thus the same character) or 3 of the same character and the 4th is the test subject to benefit from it.

As for team synergy, nah. Just adjust to whoever you play with. Playing with Nisha? Keep her loaded on ammo and weaken enemies. Playing with Wilhelm? Pay attention to who is painted and stick close by. Playing with Claptrap? Eh, he’s so random. Playing with Athena? Support from medium range. Playing with Jack? I’ve got nothing clever here, Jack can handle himself. Playing with Aurelia? Always use explosive weapons.

This reminds me of something my buddies and I did in BL1. We had 3 Siren defenders, and a Brick with a Tank COM. Brick’s shield was over 10k. It was hilarious.

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The legendary class mods aren’t always that good. I often prefer the benefits on the regular class mods. Sometimes I prefer cooldown rate or damage boosters. AND, the skills that the class mods boost aren’t always skills I want to use. I think those class mods intentionally boost across all 3 trees so that they can be useful no matter which skill trees you’re in. But it ends up meaning that you might not get the full benefit from the class mod. So you’ll end up getting 20 skill points from it and maybe it’s boosting stuff you didn’t prefer to boost when you could boost something else with a normal class mod.

I do miss the Hoarder and Nurse coms that were in Bl2 in terms of support. The only things Id like to have seen done better is that theyd have the skills that each com has better synergize with each other.