Have Legendary drop rates from LT changed recently?

New to forum so pre-emptive apology if this already addressed elsewhere. Trying to farm for a Legendary Soldier com for my 72 Axton. Read elsewhere that Tinder/Loot Train most efficient, but in several hours of farming not seeing more than 3-4 legendaries total, & sadly none of which any use to me. I don’t have any OP levels yet. Am i potentially doing something wrong, has some recent patch changed drop rates, or do the RNG gods just hate me??

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one factor is the higher the op level, the higher the drop rates. keep trying you will eventually get it.

also, if you have the lilith dlc, haderax, uranus and cassius is generous in dropping legendaries.

Not sure where that came from, but the Loot Train & Tinder are not great legendary sources.

They are great blue and purple sources, plus lots of eridium, but not orange.

If you want a legendary COMM, go to the Dust and find tubby spiderants as your best bet for COMM drops.
Still not that frequent, but they’ll show up.
I’ve spent many an hour doing the run to Gettle and Mobley to get an incrementally better Lyuda, then down to the marauders and goliaths below them for a good fight and chance of a tubby spiderant, then back up through Bug Gulch searching for tubbies.


Thanks for the reply & advice. I’m such a noob I didnt even realize that buying the Commander Lilith DLC would let me lvl up to 80?!? This whole time I’ve been under assumption that OP lvls was only way to lvl up from 72, & that anyone i saw on Twitch/YT/etc was OP’d as in lvl 73=lvl72 + OP1. Off to Commander Lilith i go …

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Thanks Raven … certainly what you’re describing is what I’m experiencing. The only reason I keep persisting w Loot Train farm is that there are so many COMs in that haul that it seems like logically I should have a (slightly) better chance to RNG myself the Legendary Soldier I’m after. It’s so rare it’s depressing (vs my expectations when i first started this farm run) but I do see legendary COMs spawn every now & again … just not the one I’m after. I also think I remember reading somewhere that there are two varieties of Leg.COMs … original and new … and that Tubbies only drop new but Legendary Soldier is old so Tubbies not an option for what I want? Is that correct do you know?

I don’t play Axton much, I mainly Maya, and tubbies drop her legendary siren mod.

The Wiki lists vermi, voracidious, and Pyro Pete as leg. solder drops, and also as world drops (I’ve collected a number though I’ll never use 'em) so I think tubbies will drop them for you.

Someone else still here might be more familiar with Soldier coms.

Thanks for the info Raven. Gonna add a Dust and Badlands route to my farming run/s whenever I get bored killing that damn snowman. Will let u know how i go :wink:

Tinder Train finally gave it up. Then i celebrated by farming King Mong till he gave up a Badaboom. Musta been my lucky night :raised_hands:

Not that I’m really playing these days, but I still lurk once or twice a week…

What? Did something happen over the last year, since the only thing OP level traditionally affected was second gen pearl drops from tubbies.

Second gen COMs are dedicated to tubbies yes, but as Raven stated they can also drop the first gen as well. I’ve certainly gotten all possible leg COMs from tubs.

:clap: it really is a game changing COM for Axton. You’ll love it.

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i think you are right. my bad.

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