Have level 53 sntnl maggie, 53 polyaimourous 100 rakk attack and sntnl, 100 weddin invitation. Lf level 53 gear

Let me know what you have

Also have redundant brainstormer phascast and 50 corrosive next 2 mags

And badass cryo conference call

I can’t start for a while coz work and timezones, but I’m eyeing off the sntnl Maggie. What character(s) you main, I’ll keep my eye out for gear.

Lol I got a lvl 49 woodblocker for tradsies bud!! It’s even slide anointed!! In all seriousness I will let you know what I get at 53

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Flak and amara

Got these so far

I’ve got a transformer with cryo on ase and fire redistributer with 100 on ase.

I have some stuff for the Maggie reaper12804

What do u need? I have some annointed siren gear and then I have hundreds of fl4k legendaries. Name your price for fl4k annointed wedding invitation

I have 100 ase wedding invitation

SNTNL cryo - new smg, corrosive redistributer, Nukem, fire flakker. GB- Maggie, recursion shock cutsman, shock & rad helix.

Whats the anoint on the shock cutsman and is that sntnl redib?

THESE ARE SNTNL CRYO - new smg, corrosive redistributer, Nukem, fire flakker. THESE ARE GAMMABURST - Maggie, recursion, shock cutsman, shock & rad helix.

Wht u want for corrosive redistributor?

Anything you want here for corrosive redistributor?

Lvl 53 gamma weapons. 53 backham w/ action skill cooldown. 53 rad recurring hex w/ 25 on throw. 53 atom balms, 53 red fangs& bounty hunters w/ weapon dmg and Jacobs crit.

Not hot any of those yet, I’ll keep eyes open I want that smg lol.