Have loads to trade PLEASE LOOK

I am looking for god roll mods and artifacts for xane and moze.
This is what I have to trade;
Anoited lucians call 125% in fire/cryo and corrosive
Anoited lyuda 125% in fire
Anoited one pump 100%
Anoited nuclear faisar 125% radiation
Anoited cryo recuring hex (mirv)
Recuring hex (mirv) radiation/shock
Anoited rain firestorm grenade

Ice Breaker Victory Rush
30 nade dmg
27 ignite chance
27 cryo efficiency

Matches well with this annointed recurring hex cryo I got. Interested?

With less people playing Zane, i don’t see as much of his gear for trade. I too am looking for god roles infiltrator Class Mods and Otto Idols
My idol is porrt, only buffs sniper, wasted other two perks, my class mod got 2 of the three right, + 28% weapon Damage and % reload, but the 3rd stat isn’t that usefull. not when i need more DPS

Always farming, will let you know if i find anything

gt - xCaliburxxx

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I will offer legendary lucky 7 for a moten Infinity lvl 50 ( Moxxi’s DLC needed for lucky 7) and a deep dive face puncher for anything good you have. Text me if wanted guns

Can I have lyuda fire 125% for a storm infinity pistol