Have "loot ghosts" run out of loot?

🙋 Excuse me. I think loot ghosts have run out of loot. I have been farming ghost kills in the Voracious Canopy and have only seen one BH legendary in the last 6 hours. It seems like I’m seeing more yellow ghosts but they are only dropping whites, blues and purples. I’m playing on TVHM: M3, using loaded dice, my guardian luck is at 11.46% and I have treasure hunter perk unlocked. What’s that like 711.46% more luck? Not sure it’s working… Thanks. :thinking:

Weird. The hot fix said it would increase the loot they drop…

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Hot fix shouldn’t be live yet.

It is…

I had two drops (Fearmonger and Stalker) from one Loot Ghost today (1h25m ago), I don’t think hot fix was already out.

Ghost are dropping multiple extoplasms the hotfix is definitely out.


It was 1,5h ago, and I started the game even earlier, so I don’t think that hot fix was already out.


Didn’t realize a hotfix was dropping today. I should have waited to get on I guess. I was playing this morning.

I guess you can say that it’s fixed. My first loot ghost kill dropped a shotgun, shield and sniper.

Where are loot ghosts? I have never seen one yet on 13 runs through Captain Haunt

Sorry. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

Funny, that you mentioned it, but to me Loaded Dice seem to be broken. Whenever I use them, bosses start to only drop whites, greens and blues, as soon as I put them off, I start to get purples and legendaries again. I pass on them and run solely with my 10.01% luck from my guardian rank (Normal Mode Mayhem 3).

Yeah. I wonder about how the luck works. I’m gonna run without the loaded dice for a while and see if I notice a difference.

Golden loot ghosts are random from haunted enemies.

And about luck, imagine if we never specced into gaurdian rank luck? Would we inherently have the better not luck?? Lol.

It’s like if you have too much luck it cycles back around to start over. Like there’s a ceiling and if you pass it you go back to zero.

That could be it. I wish id stopped at 10%. I think the luck factor in the game is man-made so it’s not truly luck. There must be a formula to figure out… beyond my comprehension! :smiley:

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Seems the “loot ghosts” have been turned back down. Been farming for close to 4 hours today yellow ghosts are scarce and the last 6 yellow ghosts haven’t dropped one legendary. In related news, not one badass has dropped a non event legendary either the entire time I’ve been on. They used to drop more legendaries than the loot ghosts. :ghost:

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