Have Major Kongs in SNTNL, 300/90, 200 splash, N2Ms

Gotten a handful of these trying to get either a consectutive hits or SNTNL rebound, also have:
Prompt Critical in SNTNL (Fire), Urad, 200 Splash
Lovable rogue in SNTNL, Cryo N2M, Incendiary N2M.
Convergance in SNTNL (x4)
Blood Starved Beast in SNTNL (Fire), Consecutive Hits (Rad)
Mainly looking for Mayhem 6 and DLC 3 & 2 weapons with SNTNL, Consecutive hits, or 200 splash.
Biggest thing in my wish list is an 8/10 round clairvoyance with SNTNL

Is your rad Blood Starved Beast x2 ? x3 ? Really interested in it.

Got a 200% splash Flipper and a Fire Light Show Consecutive Hits

Yes its x3, also while trying to farm a sntnl Clairvoyance i got a masher variant with urad on it, interested in that as well?

Sweet ! I’ll take both for the Flipper and Light Show, is it ok ?


Adding you in 10 minutes for the trade then, thanks :smiley:

I’ll be on and farming most of tomorrow I’ll add you and keep a look out
Pas capnhonkers