Have Mayhem Modifiers Changed

I have played BL3 for years and I must admit I am not the best player in the world (as I’m coming up to 73 years old). I could get to M4 and just about hold my own. But over the past few weeks the modifiers have been easier. I even managed to get through a couple of side missions on M8, M9 and M10. The modifiers were mostly the Easy category with the odd Medium thrown in. This still ranked as my most challenging and best achievement in the game. Now things are back to “normal” with the modifiers being Hard or Very Hard at M10. Now I don’t last more than a few seconds on M10. Is there any way to get some easier modifiers back at the higher Mayhem levels?

M11 has no modifiers at all :wink:

It’s the same as M10 appart from that.

Take into account that weaponscaling is a thing. Taking a M10 scaled weapon into lower levels will make the game easier (they do not actively scale but scale to the mayhem level you acquired them in… Don’t ask us why GBX brought weaponscaling back into the game)

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Last week was a special event called Mayhew Made Mild. All Mayhem levels had easy modifiers. It should return to normal shortly if it hasn’t already. Check and make sure the “hotfixes applied” sign is popping up on the loading screen to make sure your game is up to date. Have fun!

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M11 was a blissfull experience for me