Have My Shield and the Black Hole

Not sure if this has been addressed, I went looking and couldn’t find anything. I have tested quite a few nova shields for my Digi-Jacks, and noticed something strange with the Black Hole. I’m seeing the singularity go off when they die, but am not seeing the nova go off. Not seeing any Shock damage numbers either. Am I just missing it, or does this shield not function properly for the Digi-Jacks?

They both go off, but you only see them if there is something left to take the damage.

Cool, I assume the singularity and the nova are simultaneous?

No singularity first, then the shock nova.

Gotcha, it’s just not graphically displaying the nova. Thanks Derch, I appreciate all the info you contribute to the boards. :slight_smile:

The thing about the delay between the singularity pull and the nova going off is, that there’s a slight risk of your digi jack dying or despawning right before the nova going off after the pull.

How about the other nova shields you’ve tried? Any insights?

I’d subjectively rank them
black hole > deadly bloom > avalanche > sunshine

90% of the time, my jacks die from me moving enough to force them to respawn. That would explain why I’ve never seen the nova go off.

Damage wise, the bloom is the best I’ve seen, the black hole just doesn’t go off in my play style. However, I will take a purple cryo nova over any legendary for most situations outside of bosses. The freeze is just super useful (ermahgerd Flakker), and more fun imo. Keep in mind I have a co op partner that I play with very frequently and this heavily influences my gear and play style. I can be much more reckless with her around to watch my back.

What about the SUpernova? Its range is huge.
Also, do you get two novas with the deadly bloom? What’s the deal?

From what I’ve read, you do get both novas from Deadly Bloom, the game combines them into one number. The Supernova works well too, I don’t use it because there is a lot of fire resist around, and like I said, I prefer a purple cryo nova to just about anything else. Freezing is super awesome, crowd control for the win.

Do you have an image of that as far as I know the only cryo nova shield is the avalanche, kinda like in bl2 there was no slag nova shield.

Sure, the one he has equipped right now is green. I’m almost positive I had a purple one at 50. Let me get a pic.

Edit: I guess I’m retarted. I could have sworn I had one, must have been using the Avalanche at 50. That would explain why I haven’t been able to find one. Sorry all >.<

ok nevermind I just looked it up, I just never saw one before. I’m going to add that to my nova builds now, thanks for the heads up.

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Oh good! It does exsist! Thought I was crazy. I tend to assume that you’re right Derch.

I’m wrong all the time, thats how I learn. There is potential for amazing synergy with this and the CoE com, 9/5 optimism while also having a cryo nova that is boosted by the com and increases the chance for it to freeze.

I thought the same, unfortunately I sold my CoE awhile back before I had really thought about it. Does it drop as a random reward for the badass round?