Have not received my Legendary Weapon from redeeming my shift weapons through borderlands website

I’ve used shift VIP program since April, and have been really looking forward to using the Legendary Weapon that I was supposed to get in my in game mail at level 12, however, I did not receive said weapon, and it doesn’t appear in my shift rewards history. I received all other bonuses linked to my shift account, along with the level 10 weapons I purchased from the VIP rewards page. I have double checked that I am linked to the correct shift account and that I redeemed enough weapons for the Legendary gun. My VIP name is Vox_Longstride if that’s of any use to the support team. Really looking for some help here!

Hi there. I have yet to hear of anyone who as received the Legendary yet, so I’m not sure what the issue is. You can contact support directly through the support form.

Thank you, I’m glad there wasn’t a mistake, I must have been reading a forum for pc users.