Have OPQ and more Lf searing Kaos w/ consecutive hits or AS 200%

Trying to prepare for upcoming buffs, Kaos is one of my favorite guns. Willing to trade any below:

  • 150% opq
  • various yellowcakes (x2 and some x1 with decent anoints)
  • breath of the dying with a bunch of anoints
  • various fish slaps
  • Rowan’s call with 150%
  • alchemist with 160% splash
  • handsome jackhammer with 90/300
  • x1 corrosive kaoson with 125% incendiary IB exit
  • I can check for more things too

Are any of your Breath of the Dying anointed 250% damage increase after phasecast?

Oh no lol I meant the assault rifle Kaos! :slight_smile: But that’s a nice roll for sure.

This is what happens when I drink in the afternoon, sorry

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Youre good! I just want a Kaos lol

Have a kaos shock with ASA 200 if you are interested. Is your rowans call 50/150 M10 and does it have an element?