Have scanned forum history, can't seem to find clarity from devs

There have been countless threads and discussions on legendary gear or just gear in general on this forum. I am desperately trying to find some sort of clarity on where the design and development stands, and more importantly, their intent for gear’s impact on the game. It seems as though other than just the actions they have taken to attempt to balance certain gear, they have never actually given any kind of explanation or understanding on the state of gear.

The purpose of this thread is to hopefully get the devs to clarify exactly what is going on with gear.

In the history of the game there has never been a legitimate league or tournament that legendary gear has been allowed. Even in the only actual sponsored tournament, no legendary gear was allowed. There had to be reasons that they chose to ban them, and reasons why competitive players are in agreement to ban them in their own tournaments and league play. Whatever those reasons are, would they or would they not be present in public games as well? If the reason is because they make the game more about gear than skill, then that would be present in a public game as well. If the reason is because some of it is unbalanced, then that would be present in public games as well. No matter what the reasons were, they are present at all times.

The problem is more persistent now than ever before. What is the solution for good, competitive players? They have resorted to a very limited amount of opportunities for private matches and tournaments, etc. We can only play against the same few teams and each other so often. There is no inherent disadvantage that players would have in a public game by not being allowed to equip legendary gear. There are only inherent advantages to equipping it. Only allowing it unbalances the game.

Why should players be forced to play the game publicly differently than they would competitively? The whole late game vs early game is not a valid argument. When shock turret xp was much stronger than it is currently, there was something that looked like a valid argument that would support that, but even then it really could only work for 1-2 players on a team. Leveling stops at 10, so no matter what, the guys with the legendary gear are gong to have a heavy advantage eventually., especially when one piece of gear is stronger than an entire set of gear.

Please clarify, gbx. You are on the verge of losing the very playerbase that is keeping the game alive


Would be cool to have clarity on the changes but I always thought of legendary gear as for fun gear. You can make silly or extremely powerful builds that help you with PVE or be cancer on PvP. The legendary gear does cost a lot and if many people on the team are rocking them then you are basically setting yourself up for failure if you can’t activate them in time in PvP but for PVE it’s a lot easier to activate.

To give you my honest opinion, you are crippling yourself (experience wise) if your using legendaries in PvP because you are playing a play style that will not work if you didn’t have them equipped. It’s better to understand the game and your character without the gear to develop your own style of play then if you want, equip the legendaries to enchance it every now and then for fun if you want. For tournament play they just simply cost too much to use anyway


It’s almost like the Devs don’t have a…Battleplan


the high cost is no longer a detriment like it used to be when buying shock turrets gave you experience. Now it just means you can’t send a big bot every three seconds. They typically just turtle until they get their gear up if they don’t win the initial push for middle, or lose it shortly after. There used to be a much higher risk when xp was increased from building.

Now it just means that the players playing legit will have like 9% more skill damage for 2 minutes til one more shard spawn, when the legendary user will have then more damage and passives that are better than any 2 pieces of gear.

btw, i watched your guys league the other night on pc. I really respect the way you guys honor banned the cancerous characters.


What I have actually speculated with a few of the people I’ve played with is that there will be some more soft patches here and there, then one more major patch before the game itself is left alone in favor for Borderlands 3 or Gearbox’s next outing in gaming. It’s kinda sad to watch or acknowledge given how much of a gem this game could’ve been.

A good amount of the gear is pretty much useless (CC reduction, most recoil, and healing received) or not used at all (Legendaries with non-essential abilities). I think it’s another case of more for less as I mentioned in the other thread. They keep flooding with more and more new shiny things, but don’t polish the core/base foundation of the gear so the competitive loadouts are saturated with the same few gear pieces (Legendaries consistently seen are Symbiotic Gauntlet, Bolas’ Target Finder and Firmware Update) with some other Legendaries squeezed in here and there for effects on certain characters.

It’s just too much for too little and it’s a little sad. One of my bud’s actually pointed out he’s quite tired of it being a match against who has the better CC and Gear rather than a true match of pure skill. Because the really exceptional players at Battleborn can already put out very amazing stats by themselves, but coupled with certain gears and you get players who simply spend the entire game untouched and quite bored. Then, the new players who are coming in and if they decide to continue playing the game after the usual curbstomping; they don’t know about which gear negatively or doesn’t effect certain characters. I remember playing against a new El Dragoon who ran an a gear dropping his max health for some reason.

Again, it’s more of the same. Instead of two week haituses just to tell us they need another two weeks before anything gets announced, they should really be working on fixing the core of their game, gear included. A month off is unacceptable when your game still needs this much work a year after it’s release.


I agree with word for word of your post. Anyone with a remotely decent pvp background that comes into this game and has been playing it since closed test should be willing to admit that we have had a much easier go of beating 95% of the teams we play against than we would have if we had been playing something like overwatch. Most of the hardcore pvp types did not come to bb. There are definitely some good players, but I think most people came here thinking this was borderlands 3 or something like it. They decided to give pvp a go, saw that they were actually playing against people that were not always that great, and decided to stick around and progressed. I think those for the most part are the ones using the broken legendary gear.

Most of the people I play with come from pvp backgrounds. I at least am very used to playing public matches as if there were rules in place, even if they obviously are not in place in a public match.

Tanks that are way too tanky and have way too many offensive capabilities that eliminate so many characters. Supports are still way out of whack as well. Kid ultra consistently breaking 200k dmg in matches while passively healing the entire team? Gali gets to level 4 and causes easy triple downs, and has more kill potential at level 1 than thorn does til she gets her ult. Look at a character like phoebe, for instance. Yes, I play her competitively and make it work, but the risk/reward scenario for health to damage is WAY off, when you look at boldur and kelvin.

The gear should have never been a thing in pvp. I am more than ok with legendary gear providing base stat boosts that are commensurate to their cost, but that is it. A purple piece of gear costs 1050 to activate at max roll. 1800 is something like 75 pct more than 1050. So add 75% more to the gear’s primary stat and secondary stat and be done with it. There are no need for passives, and especially no need to have character specific gear. It is impossible to say that every bb’s lore gear is as balanced as every other bb. I wouldn’t use melka or el dragon’s gear if they were free, while ambra’s changes essentially her character design, just like toby.

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Buying shock turrets doesn’t give you experience anymore?

Yea, you are right about that. I was mostly thinking about meltdown but yea, its horrible when you play incursion with broken legendaries because it’s easier to get away with it compared to meltdown. Also since you don’t have to run back and forth, the only team can just concentrate on 1 portion of the map and send all their skills out.

This is one of the main reasons why I don’t use legendaries anymore in PvP. Because as much of an arrogant ■■■■■ I’m sure I’ll come off as, I’d like to think I can do well without legendaries.

That almost purely comes down to the time-to-kill I’d say. In Overwatch, Hanzo or Widowmaker can get just land one lucky shot to kill almost anyone whereas a similarily lucky shot in Battleborn would result in a relatively modest amount of extra damage which typically doesn’t exceed the target’s 25% max health. You need to plan and understand the game a lot more to be successful as you can’t just purely rely on twitch reflexes regardless of situation.

No. As a main support player it’s really nice that Gearbox has made supports lethal as well so they’re not free kills for anyone who wants them. Some of them may be too strong (such as Kid Ultra and Alani for instance), yes. But having supports being lethal as well makes it so you don’t feel like you’re crippling yourself and can’t even handle a couple of minions. Not to mention that it’s a psychological effect as well, people will be a lot more hesitant to engage you as a support if you can actually bite back.


It does, not anywhere near as much as it used to though.

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