Have so many people jumped ship?

On the old forums there was lots of activity, from Tps release, all the way up to the closing of those forums. I could go daily to see lots of conversations.

Here, though, its dead as dornails. I wonder if more than 10% of the old forum users bothered to re-sign up. (Hey, at least gearbox will save some sheckles on their bandwidth costs :smirk:)

Besides these (in my opinion) new forums looking hideous on a desktop, and far too mobile centric, I wonder if the lack of seamless user migration between these platforms holds much of the blame.

Whatever the reason. It’s a shame. So many links no longer working (unless you pop old into the address bar), so little activity.

Anyway /rant off.


I think its because there isnt too much about TPS we could talk about :disappointed:


So true.

We’ll see how much it picks up when the campaign gets released.

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Because @FlamesForAll would always come up with a new topic every 2 or 3 days. He was kind of the reason the old forums were still alive. But now that these new forums are bad on mobile for him, he posts significantly less often.


There are some who didnt move here when the other closed. But the lack of new content for TPS (or any game) will result in diminishing activity.
I think once the new DLC gets some spot light, we’ll see more activity. It always happens like that. Everything settles and then new and shiny stuff brings everyone out of the woodwork.


Exactly what Kitty_Jo and ACNAero said. Once the DLC comes out, people are going to be swimming back. A lot of the people who were active on the old forums have rejoined, but some changed their screen names.

The move to the new forums was not pleasant, and I can see that driving away anyone not interested enough in putting in the effort. While some new features are welcome, the venue still feels alien. For example, where do we go talk about crashing bugs in TPS? I see no bug thread here, and no suitable drop-down listing when I click on the Blue BL:TPS banner, or the red Discussion banner.

Edit: I found the BL:TPS X360 tech forum. The drop-down lists won’t do. Must click on the blue banner and scroll down the page.

It’s also a lot of the content has been moved/lost. Challenge guides, builds, so much not moved over.

I can’t say I contributed much to the old forums.

I started on BL2, got BL1 & 2 Goty on steam few years ago. I did not like the look of BL1 for some reason so never gave it a chance. Have since rectified that error !

I was falling off the radar before the transition to these forums but for me it is that TPS does not really bring much new to the table other than a few frustrations (looking at you laser totting enemies) but was fun while it lasted.

Yeah i miss posting as often as i did.

And there has been a lot i have wanted to post about recently since soloing through TVHM with Aurelia and starting my awesome servant / master UVHM playthrough with Aero.

Sadly, these forums are ghastly on my phone.

Can’t wait for Campaign DLC!

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Have you tried browsing through the “desktop view”?

Kitty, please take my word for it that i have spent many hours trying absolutely everything.

We were told that we could link to the old forum’s guides. But most guides tend to have links. Which are broken now. Real shame right there.



Ha :expressionless:

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All you have to do is type “old” before “forum”, then the link will work.

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I do, but new members don’t know you can do that.

maybe it’s because we can’t post a poll.

The transition broke every link on the old forums that referenced any other thread or post. That’s a bfd.

Would it have been any more difficult to come up with a different name for these forums and simply preserve the original forum url?

Plus, the old forum doesn’t appear in Google searches about BL related stuff.

I find the old forum does show up in searches – you just have to put ‘old’ in front of the URL. Posted about this in one of the tech support forums and got a GB response that – it’ll just take some time for the old URLs to transition over.