Have some M10 gear to trade

I listed some things i thought people may want but I have others.


Shock Craps 5020 50/150

Maggie 2167x6 300/90

Grease Trap 3509 300/90
Grease Trap 2954 50/150

Night Hawkin 1886 ASA 200%

Cryo Redistributor 1961 SNTNL/Cryo
Rad Redistributor 1510 SNTNL/Cryo

Kaoson x1 6178 SNTNL/Cryo (full auto)

Kinetic Soulrender 5583 50/150 (full auto)

OPQ 9232x2 SNTNL/Cryo
OPQ 9694x2 50/150

NoPewPew 2411x4 50/150
NoPewPew 2803x3 ASA 200%

Kinetic Monarch 2475x8 ASA 200%
Kinetic Monarch 2277x4 50/150
Incendiary Monarch 2894x4 After Phaseslam +300%

Carrier 2685 50/150

Shock Sickle 2435x10 300/90
Kinetic Sickle 3196x10 300/90

Kinetic Dictator 1562x3 50/150

Cryo/Incendiary Trevanator 2049x3 SNTNL/Cryo

Flama Diddle 1181x9 Gamma 115%

Corrosive/Rad Recursion 10009 300/90

Rad/Cryo Insider 3211×10 300/90

Shock Lob 28005 300/90

Shock Ion Cannon 66901×2 ASA 75% Badass, Named, Bosses
Ion Cannon 75263×2 50/150
Ion Cannon 91988×2 Extra Rakk Attack
Ion Cannon 87807 300/90

Yellowcake 44259 50/150
Yellowcake 42152×2 50/150
Yellowcake 40236×2 300/90

Nukem 77118 SNTNL/Cryo

Creamer 23144 50/150

Rad Lump (purple) 26994×2 300/90

Incendiary Plaguebearer 33050 300/90
Rad Plaguebearer 29509 50/150

Krakatoan Damage 31056 Status Effect 28122 dmg./sec. 0% chance Annoint: Crit. hits can cause 500% status effect novas. (Someone explain the 0% SE chance with this annoint to me)

Incendiary Old God 16110 capacity recharge, health, move speed Rakk Attack Charge

Cryo Old God 17399 capacity health, resistance to last dmg. type, 15% chance to drop fortify 10% dmg. reduction SNTNL active +15% movement speed

Brawler Ward 19211 Rad resistance, ASE melee damage +100%

Carapace Stop-Gap 29578 capacity corrosive resistance, nova on enter/exit IB

Shock Recurring hex ASE bonus incendiary
Shock Recurring Hex ASS +1 grenade
Shock Recurring Hex ASE bonus Cryo

Cloning Maddening Tracker ASA grenade damage +150%

Many Class Mods, Artifacts. Just ask and I’ll see if I can accommodate you.


Any Ice Breaker Artifact with Cryo Damage, Cryo efficiency, Weapon Damage

Redistributors Corrosive, Incendiary with SNTNL/Cryo
Redistributors 50/150, ASA 200

Monarchs Rad, Corrosive with 50/150
Monarch Cryo SNTNL/Cryo

OPQ ASA/200%

Corrosive Soulrender with 50/150

Kaosons ×1, ×2 full auto Corrosive, Rad 50/150
Kaosons x1 full auto Cryo. Rad SNTNL/Cryo
Kaosons x1 full auto ASA 200

Sand Hawks SNTNL/Cryo, 50/150, ASA 200

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I have all 3 OPQ you are after, I’d be interested in Kaoson x1 STNL Cryo

I have a cryo redistributor with sntl 100, would like to trade for cloning maddening grenade. psn halinglis, LMK.

I have the yellow cake you need in return for redistributor Fire?

I won’t be on for about 10 hours but I’ll send that to you. PSN: IVIassivedynamic (capital ivi not lower case LVL)

Will be able to send that to you tonight around 10 EST. PSN: IVIassivedynamic.

@donny2435 Sorry for the misunderstanding. I had the redistributors in LF not have. Can send you something else if you’re interested.

Im gonna have to change to the carapace stop gap as I got a maddening grenade this morning, cool?

Np. If it’s a different annoint and you still want the CMT, you can have both.

Both works for me as the anoint is different, thanks for that. Just accepted FR and will send in a few, cheers.

@halinglis Was able to hop on for a few minutes. Sent over the CMT and Carapace Stop Gap.

thanks dude

No pew pew 50/150 sounds good?
I’m at work until about 3 or 4pm pacific time and I’ll send that your way it’s 40kx2 with 300/90

Sounds good @donny2435. I send you a friend request and get that to you tonight.

No problem. Thank you.

No problem, which OPQ did you want?

The SNTNL Cryo if that’s cool. Ill be able to pop in here in a minute to send the Kaoson.

Was able to send that NoPewPew just now. Enjoy.

Sounds good, I’ll be on in a few mins

What would you possibly want for that x8 monarch