Have spare class mods that I don't need

I have too many legendary class mods for every class.
Let me know what mod and rolls you’re looking for and I will see what the closest thing I have is.
Sorry but I do not have spare mayhem 4 class mods to give away at the moment.

Hey I’m looking for a Nimbus siren mod with no conflux skill and bonuses to weapon or element damage

Would you have a Elementalist with +25 weapon damage and or Phasezerker with increased fire rate?

Any executor class mods with +3 dirty trick, and +wdmg, +shotgun, or + Hyperion crit damage, or +wdmg, +smg, and plus charge speed, third one bonus is optional lots of things I like, damage reduction, action skills cool down, mag size. Let me know if you have anything close.

Looking for Moze mindsweeper with 25% weapon, 45% jacobs critical, + either aoe/splash/grenade damage

This is actually my only nimbus mod. Odd being have several phasezerker and a bunch of the others. Do you want this one though?


Those are the closest things I could find.
I do also have a zerker with grenade damage and +5 if that’s something that sounds interesting.

yes I would like those please, my psn Ice-T411. THANK YOU very much

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However this one would fit an aggressive Hyperion playstyle but only has 2.

Do you like any of them?

And my only other one has no damage buffs but 5 extra nades and torgue reload speed and torgue accuracy.

Do you have any Bloodletter mods or Deadeye mods for fl4k. Any with Dmg/CD/Resistance

Haha fair enough, was worth a shot :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll randomly farm for another; my best 1 so far has splash radius and keeps killing me :sweat_smile:

I’ll take the Hyperion one. That will be perfect to conference call farm graveward.

Alright I’ll send you a friend request if your name is the same.

It is. I am easy to find.

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Critical damage
Weapon fire rate
Max health.

Splash damage
Vladof fire rate
Shock resistance

Unless you want one with +3 thin red line+2 phalanx with atlas damage perks.


Both of those mods are great my psn is deathshot1234

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I’m at work right now so I’ll be able hit you up in several hours.