Have: Spreadsheet: God roll COMs, Amazing ION Cannons, anointed Redistributors/Cutsmans/Maggies/Kybs/EM-P5 // Need: Specific Artifacts + stuff

My Stuff (Spreadsheet) (updated every couple days):

PSN: Fleyn_89

Trading 5:1 for: Last Stand or Snowdrift OTTO IDOL (must have Pistol dmg & mag size)
Trading 5:1 for: Bounty Hunter COM w/ Jakobs crit, AS cooldown, weapon dmg OR pistol dmg
Trading 5:1 for: ION Laser SMG (rad + corrosive or cryo) - must have gamma burst anointment

Also Looking for:
-King’s/Queen’s Call w/ ASE +50% elemental
-Scourge anointed w/Moze +160% splash ASE
-R4kk P4kk COM w/ magazine size & weapon dmg
-Seein’ Dead +5 Donnybrook w/mag size & weapon dmg
-Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush (tell me what stats they have)
-Red Suit w/ double stack of Power Charge (20% booster) anointed w/20% AS cooldown rate
-The following weapons with Gamma Burst anointed: Jericho x2, Tankman’s Shield (rad, corr), Kyb’s Worth (rad, corr, cryo), Redistributors (any elem)
-Dictator (x6) w/ ASE 50% elem or +100%
-Knife Drain White Elephant w/melee dmg and/or mag size and/or shotgun dmg
-Lump (x2 projectile in corrosive, shock, rad).
-Bangstick (triple, or double penetrating), kinetic or any element, anointed with ASE 100% or 50% elemental.
-Stop-gap anointed with terror ammo regen (will trade at higher ratio if it has double reflect as secondary bonuses)
-Good rolled Spiritual Driver. Prefer SMG or Weapon damage, Shock damage, AS Cooldown, mag size, etc
-Frozen Heart shield w/Phasecast anoint

Is the Redistributor the legendary one? I have the Raging Bear.

It’s not legendary sorry. Will let you know if I get one

In that case I’ll trade you for the fire Lump.

PSN: DaktariZHN

FR sent thanks

Merry Christmas all!


new dlc loot added

I have the face-puncher with 50% bonus cryo dmg as well as the transformers with 50% bonus corrosive, cryo, and shock dmg. I also have the unanointed vindicator ghast call, which, to my knowledge, doesn’t come with an anointment.

That’s great, is there anything I can trade you for the Transformer w/cryo and the ghast?

PSN: Fleyn_89

I got a transformer with 50% corrosive dmg

Anything from my list you’d like for it?

The cryo mirv-tac hex

I have the lucky 7 100% ase/transformers with bonus incendiary/cryo/and shock. Im interested in your rakk 100% hellwalker/fire autoaime/x2 roisen’s thorns/nukem. 4 for 4 trade. PSN: TheNimbusKid

@syentifik33 sure, I’ll send when I get home in about 6 hours. Psn Fleyn_89

@TheNimbusKid: perfect thanks. Will mail when I get home from work psn: Fleyn_89

@djhenderson you got it man I’ll send it to ya

Gotcha, just accepted your request, sending items now

I have this with a 300%phaseslam anoint

I have this one in fire ASE

Lemme know if any of these tickle your fancy

Sorry I was mistaken, it was a phaseslam anointed lucky 7 and rakk anointed lucky 7 that I had, not 100% weapon dmg ASE, dunno if you want something else in place of the lucky 7, I have a sntnl anointed cryo lucian’s call as well

You interested in trading for that sntnl cryo facepuncher? PSN: TheNimbusKid

I sure am. What are you offering for it? Mainly looking for phasecast/phaseslam anoints, and some all too specific coms