Have: Spreadsheet: God roll COMs, Amazing ION Cannons, anointed Redistributors/Cutsmans/Maggies/Kybs/EM-P5 // Need: Specific Artifacts + stuff

Sounds good. I’ll probably take the lyuda. I think we’re already psn friends just shoot me a msg when you’re ready no rush

Alright I can do that. What times are you normally on @djhenderson yeah we are friends see I’m at work currently but I’ll browse some more and try to piece some stuff together on what I need and try to hook you up

I’m usually available M-F 6pm-midnight EST on and off. But we can just mail each other right so doesn’t really matter. sounds good lmk

Good deal I’ll send you a message on psn appreciate it bud

i need:Kyb’s Worth ASE +50% CRYo

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Sounds good. Will mail it to you in a few hours

Can you mail (Big Boom Blaster shield)to me, too?

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thank you.mailed to you.

sent thx again

I’ve got some of the gamma burst guns you’re looking for and the electric banjo with that roll

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My PSN is Fleyn_89. Message me with what you’d like off me!!

I have a snowdrift victory run with cryo damage and efficiency and movement speed