Have: Spreadsheet -- Updated with Mayhem 10 loot (check back daily) // Need: Snowdrift Deathless, Unseen Threat, COMs

Sounds good. I’ll probably take the lyuda. I think we’re already psn friends just shoot me a msg when you’re ready no rush

Alright I can do that. What times are you normally on @djhenderson yeah we are friends see I’m at work currently but I’ll browse some more and try to piece some stuff together on what I need and try to hook you up

I’m usually available M-F 6pm-midnight EST on and off. But we can just mail each other right so doesn’t really matter. sounds good lmk

Good deal I’ll send you a message on psn appreciate it bud

i need:Kyb’s Worth ASE +50% CRYo

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Sounds good. Will mail it to you in a few hours

Can you mail (Big Boom Blaster shield)to me, too?

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thank you.mailed to you.

sent thx again

I’ve got some of the gamma burst guns you’re looking for and the electric banjo with that roll

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My PSN is Fleyn_89. Message me with what you’d like off me!!

I have a snowdrift victory run with cryo damage and efficiency and movement speed

bump for the weekend

Bump… ppl gonna want my gamma burst stuff :joy:

Hey i need some shields:
The Transformer ASE +50% FIRE
The TransformerASE +50% SHK
The TransformerASE +50% CRYO
I can give in exchange whatever you want from this list

Psn diabolick90
feel free to add me or message me here, how you want

we’re already friends on PSN i’ll msg you there

I am sry about this, i updated it few hours ago. But i got the shields already

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bump for the weekend - updated spreadsheet

Got Fire King’s Call 100% ASE and Radiation/Corrosive with 100% ase. Got also a Corro with Rakk anointment I think.
Also got a Seein’ Dead +5 in Donnybrook with +25% Weapon damage but no clip size sadly.

Really interested in both of your Anointed Bekahs if they have a low scope zoom (between 1x and 3x)
PSN: EzioILMentore

Only my Rakk Attack Bekah has a low zoom scope. The gamma burst has 4.5x scope

I’ll trade it for your Fire Kings Call 100% ASE