Have: Spreadsheet w/ New DLC items, God roll COMs, // WANT: Blood-starved Beast, Tiggs' Boom, Deathless, random stuff

I have

+250% after Phasecast Wicked Wagon Wheel
+250% after Phasecast Devils Foursum
+250% after Phasecast Shocking AAA
+300% after Phasecast Searing Vanquisher
+250% after Phasecast Stark Westergun (electric)
+250% after Phasecast Adapting Ripper
+250% after Phasecast Bountiful Destructor Spinner (electric/rad)
+250% after Phasecast Rebel Yell
+250% after Phasecast Dobby The Dictator (x3)
+300% after Phasecast Binary Compressing Trevonator (Cryo)
+300% after Phasecast Defrauding Conference Call
+200% after Phaseslam Subsidized Essential Slow Hand (Fire)
+300% after Phaseslam Dueling TKs Wave
+300% after Phaseslam Choodessny Ion Cannon
+250% after Phasecast Potent Nukem
+300% after Phaseslam Shocking Dauntless Auto Aime
+300% after Phaseslam Vicious Lyuda

If any tickle your fancy let me know

Ok well I have the orge your looking for and I found a phase cast ion laser today as well

I’ll trade for both of those!

Is the westergun or the slow hand x2?
No element on lyuda?

Westergun no

Slow hand has damage of 1255, mag size 12, says consumes 2 ammo per (I have never fired one so I’m not sure what goes on with it!)

Lyuda is just kinetic

Checked your spreadsheet and assume it’s up to date, but you don’t have any of the stuff I’m LF here do you? I see similar artifacts but I don’t need those.

@mybabysdaddy Sorry I’m not seeing anything I need. But if you need an item off my list add me on PSN and I dont mind sending to you

@twoPIZZA It will be up to date in about 30 mins but no I do not think I have any of the relics you want sorry

I’ll check the up to date one when you finish it. Not a whole lot of Moze stuff but maybe I’ll see something

If you even anything in my post of course

No problem. Not looking for anything right now, except maybe bank space!

Ps4 lvl50 any: LF any terror anoint, (came in too late to the game) and anything you think is good any character, I have random mult anoints in bank.
Tag: mcdanielsam

I have a Phasecast (250% wep dmg) EMP. Do you happen to have the radiation redistributor with SNTL Cryo still?

yep whats your psn

Sorry for the late reply. Was UK time so I was sleeping. It pje96

I have a snowdriftimage

I think I have a shock Kings call with 50% incendiary someplace if you are still looking

@jorgvv @blackoutbill
Add me on PSN with a message of what you’d like from me in return. Thx


Will do.

Request sent, also realized I have 2 shock Kings calls one with fire anoint one with corrosive anoint

message me on PSN. Thanks

I’ll take both thx