Have: Spreadsheet w/ New DLC items, God roll COMs, // WANT: Tiggs' Boom, Deathless, random stuff

Spreadsheet of My Gear (updated every few days): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K75WjYeG2D7WnV39AVTC29ExY5cpoWnP63-iHC3Mvrw/edit?usp=sharing

PSN: Fleyn_89


-Stop-Gap Shield (ASS shield break/fill)
a. Must have 5.2 sec recharge delay or less and with any combination of CAPACITY and/or TURTLE

-Reflux (x7)
a. Consecutive Hits
b. N2M Shock/Fire/Rad

-Convergence (x8, all elements, not kinetic)
a. N2M of a different element

-Blood Starved Beast
a. 50/150% URAD (fire)
b. N2M of a different element

a. 50/150% URAD (Fire only)

-Light Show
b. Fire with N2M Corrosive (or vice-versa)
c. Shock with N2M Corrosive (or vice-versa)

-Old God Shield (all elements)
a. Capacity, Turtle, and/or Absorb

-Kaoson (x2, all elements)
a. N2M of a different element
b. 50/150% URAD

-Sandhawk (all elements, not burst fire)
a. N2M of a different element
b. 50/150% URAD (fire, corrosive)

-Anarchy (x20, all elements)
a. 200% Splash dmg ASE
b. 50/150% URAD

-Soulrender (full auto, all elements)
a. N2M of a different element
b. 50/150% URAD (not kinetic)

a. N2M (any element)
b. 50/150% URAD

-Tigg’s Boom (x18)
a. 50/150% URAD
b. 200% Splash ASE

-It’s Piss
a. ASE 50% bonus RAD
b. OGT 25%

-Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush (Grenade dmg, AoE dmg, Heavy Dmg)

-Snowdrift or Flesh Melter Deathless (AS CD, AoE dmg, Heavy or Grenade dmg)

-Ice Breaker Victory Rush (Cryo dmg, Mag size)

Will trade 2:1 for the following:
-Deadeye COM w/ +Jakobs crit, +Weapon crit, +Weapon dmg (+5 Two Fang).
-Stackbot COM w/ +Jakobs crit, +Weapon crit, +Weapon dmg (+3 Fast & Furryous).
-Cosmic Stalker COM w/ +Jakobs crit, +Weapon crit, +Weapon dmg (+3 Big Game).
-Bounty Hunter COM w/ +Jakobs crit, +Weapon crit, +Weapon dmg or Splash dmg (+3 Most Dangerous Game / +2 FRENZY).
-Seein’ Dead COM w/ +Weapon dmg, +Magazine size, AS dmg (+5 Donnybrook).

Is the Redistributor the legendary one? I have the Raging Bear.

It’s not legendary sorry. Will let you know if I get one

In that case I’ll trade you for the fire Lump.

PSN: DaktariZHN

FR sent thanks

Merry Christmas all!


new dlc loot added

I have the face-puncher with 50% bonus cryo dmg as well as the transformers with 50% bonus corrosive, cryo, and shock dmg. I also have the unanointed vindicator ghast call, which, to my knowledge, doesn’t come with an anointment.

That’s great, is there anything I can trade you for the Transformer w/cryo and the ghast?

PSN: Fleyn_89

I got a transformer with 50% corrosive dmg

Anything from my list you’d like for it?

The cryo mirv-tac hex

I have the lucky 7 100% ase/transformers with bonus incendiary/cryo/and shock. Im interested in your rakk 100% hellwalker/fire autoaime/x2 roisen’s thorns/nukem. 4 for 4 trade. PSN: TheNimbusKid

@syentifik33 sure, I’ll send when I get home in about 6 hours. Psn Fleyn_89

@TheNimbusKid: perfect thanks. Will mail when I get home from work psn: Fleyn_89

@djhenderson you got it man I’ll send it to ya

Gotcha, just accepted your request, sending items now

I have this with a 300%phaseslam anoint

I have this one in fire ASE

Lemme know if any of these tickle your fancy

Sorry I was mistaken, it was a phaseslam anointed lucky 7 and rakk anointed lucky 7 that I had, not 100% weapon dmg ASE, dunno if you want something else in place of the lucky 7, I have a sntnl anointed cryo lucian’s call as well

You interested in trading for that sntnl cryo facepuncher? PSN: TheNimbusKid

I sure am. What are you offering for it? Mainly looking for phasecast/phaseslam anoints, and some all too specific coms