Have the issues been ironed out yet

I have not bought the game yet, I wanted to wait till some of the issues have been ironed out yet like the save transfers and matchmaking etc…

So have they ? Is it safe yet?

playing on xbone

The badass rank not transferring has not been fixed yet. Jeff said a patch is due out to amend that as soon as possible.

I just bought borderlands the handsome collection and apparently there’s still a bug that has existed since the release of borderlands 2. The bug causes the game to not save ur badass rank and skins. This amazed me that it’s been about 4 years and they decide not to fix this issue. This is
basically what’s going on: https://youtu.be/mAYX42saxkI1
I anyone else is experiencing this issue please spread the word around about this because it’s just crazy how this is still a thing after so long and has basically ruined the game for me. Hope to see an update to this issue soon.