Have these beasts...hit me up! See PICS below

Plus more!

Looking for dlc items I don’t already have. Including shields, mods & grenades.
Maddening trackers w/ anointments other than…%25 damage & 50% cryo.
List what you want to trade & I will get back w/ you after I check my loot horde.
Not looking for slide or jumping anointments.

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Quite a stash you got there. I have a cloning maddening tracker with corrosion ASE and with grenade regen on action skill start. Got tons of nice dlc mods too. I’m interested to know what sort of other ion cannons you have, as well as what sort of Maliwan takedown gear you have.

Got 130%digi clone and 50% stnl x2 ion cannon (non elemental) want urs fire x2 +125 and ur cyro x2 100 ase

What do you want for the Craps? I have alot of annointed ino cannons and Sntnl guns if that’s what your looking for.

Just looking for 2x shock and fire ions with 125 splash

Sure thing! I will get you some pics! Any above interest you?

Which up above interest you? I will check your gear against mine in the meantime to see if I already have it.

Sure thing man! Let me check your listed gear against mine to be sure I don’t already have it.

Interested in the 2x fire with 125% splash damage.

How do you get even one of those