Have they fixed the HUD Scaling yet?

I have not installed this thing since around august last year. And while I followed along for a few months, requesting this issue be returned to it’s previously (for 8 Months) working condition. There has been no indication it has been.

Could someone confirm that it has, or has not yet been fixed.


I don’t activity play split screen, but from what I have seen that’s a big negative.

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They’re probably aware of it. Hold up I think they are looking into it or possibly not at this time.

There I just gave you the most likely answer you are going to get. Maybe they will include it in the next beta add-on, oops I mean DLC. Just like I am hoping they nerf the console crashing issue that the game has had since it released. Would also enjoy a buff to the UI and text size in split screen.

Please note that I’m assuming that you are referring to the HUD scaling issues on ultra wide monitors. If that is not what you are referring to then I don’t have an answer.

Yes, the HUD scaling problem has been mostly fixed :partying_face:. There is still some scaling issues with text notifications at the top of the screen where the top gets cutoff but the big issue where the UI was mostly unusable on ultra wide monitors has been fixed.

Appreciate the response, but that is not the issue I, and many others are having.

In our case, the HUD no longer Scale, so it cannot be set to be flush with the corners of the screen. It worked perfectly from launch. They removed it in June. And when they replaced it, it no longer functions.

Thus, (we) have a Massive HUD, which takes up far too much screen to be able to comfortably play.

As I said. It worked Perfectly since launch until GBX arbitrarily removed it.


The HUD size adjustment is still f*cked. Just tried it yesterday with the steam version. No matter where you set the slider, the HUD will be the same “big sized”.

Quite sad that they are unable to fix this. Maybe due to WFH and remoting (Citrix?) they can’t properly preview the stuff? I really don’t know, just guessing.

So the slider worked effectively before but then when it was reinstated it was with significantly reduced functionality? Just curious, I don’t play on PC.

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Not reduced functionality. Zero functionality. The slider does absolutely nothing now.

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They reduced it to 0 :laughing:

The slider is for decorative purposes only.


Any news about HUD? Did they fix it?


No. They removed the slider alltogheter again in the latest patch.

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This is so sad…


I use this… Small Hud

It works except when using a vehicle… And only if hotfix’s are loaded… Does NOT work offline.

GBX for whatever reasons of their own, in my opinion, made really bad decisions, modifying this game into oblivion.

Fallout 76 is actually still in Steam’s top 100 games being played. Not this game.

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I think they went to far beyond the point they needed to go without a way to turn back and are still struggling to fix the path that got them there.

Problem is, GBX never tells much or anything at all (anointment change for example, only thing we know is that they are trying things and will change stuff accordingly…)

Not sure what made them remove/rework hudscaling and leave it broken for this long (do they know what the problem is? Are they actively trying to fix it? Is it even a problem they can fix at this point?)

Imo, i rather had they’d just add stuff to the original game instead of changing it immensely and then stzrt adding stuff and fixing things


Pretty well put.

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Nope, it is still broken along with other issues that @GBX still claim to be “looking in to”


Still waiting for fix as this is ruining my visual experience.

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@GBX is “aware of it” and I’m more than sure they are “looking into it” but nothing to “report at this time”.

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