Have to trade a LOT, looking for a few ! [Updated 03/23]

Hello Vault Hunters and Huntresses !

Here is what I have to trade :

DP Occulist 100ASE
Skeksil Fire 250Phasecast
Foursum Cryo 50ASE shock
Linoge Corro 75ASE Rad Siren
Lucky 7 50ASE corro
Nemesis Corro 75ASE Rad Siren
Lucky 7 50ASE cryo
Foursum 50ASE shock
Queen’s Call Rad 50ASE shock
Wagon Wheel 50ASE shock
Wagon Wheel 50ASE fire
Baby Maker 250Phasecast
Devastator 50ASE shock
Shocking AAA SNTL100
Boomer 75ASE Rad Siren
Cheap Tips 50ASE shock
Polyaimourous 50ASE corro
Crossroad Cryo Melee100ASE
Bitch Corro 100ASE
Ripper 75ASE Rad Siren
Bitch Shock 50ASE fire
Bitch Fire 75ASE Rad Siren
Bitch Barrier 70Crit
Cheap Tips 75ASE Rad Siren
Crossroad Rad 250Phasecast
Cloud Kill Crit25ASE
Devoted Shock/Rad ASE125Splash
Westergun Corro/Rad 75ASE Rad Siren
M4-P5 RackAttack100
Hyperfocus Fire 50ASE cryo
Cutsman Fire Melee100ASE
Bitch RackAttackCrit50
Bitch 50ASE cryo
Sleeping Giant 50ASE cryo
Sleeping Giant 50ASE corro
Sleeping Giant 50ASE fire
Sleeping Giant 100ASE
Assault Rifles
Lucian’s Call Corro OK5%stackable
Faisor Corro 125ASEboss
Faisor Shock Crit25ASE
Faisor Cryo 125ASEboss
LaserSploder Fire 50ASE rad
Barrage Rad Barrier 70Crit
Barrage Rad 250Phasecast
LaserSploder Corro ASE125Splash
Q-System Melee100ASE
Carrier 50ASE shock
Kaos Shock 50ASE rad
Q-System 50ASE fire
Q-System 50ASE cryo
Stranger ASE125Splash
Alchemist ASE125Splash
Ogre 50ASE shock
Shredifier x2 Shock 100ASE
Star Helix Cryo 100ASE
Warlord Shock RackAttack100
Warlord Fire 50ASE shock
Rowan’s Call Rad 50ASE shock
Rowan’s Call Rad 50ASE fire
Sickle Fire 250Phasecast
Star Helix Cryo 50ASE shock
Star Helix Shock 50ASE fire
Ogre 50ASE shock
Damned Shock 250Phasecast
Dictator x6 Shock ConsecutiveHits
Dictator x6 Fire ConsecutiveHits
Brainstormer x14 50ASE corro
FacePuncher 50ASE shock
FacePuncher 50ASE cryo
FacePuncher 50ASE rad
Dueling Stagecoach x21 ConsecutiveHits
Butcher 75ASE Rad Siren
Butcher 100ASE
Garcia x16 300Phaseslam
KillOtheWisp x2 ASE125Splash
KillOtheWisp 300Phaseslam
Recursion Rad/Corro x2 IBE125fire
Dueling Stagecoach x16 50ASE corro
Round Up Stagecoach x16 50ASE fire
DP Bangstick Shock x18 RackAttack100
DP Bangstick x18 (lvl52) ASE125Splash
Conference Call Melee100ASE
Sledge Shotgun GammaBurst
Lob Cryo 50ASE rad
Lob Cryo 250Phasecast
Hellwalker 75ASE Rad Siren
Hellwalker Melee100ASE
Lob rad 50ASE corro
Flakker 50ASE fire
IonCannon Cryo SwapClone130
Agonizer 1500 100ASE
Scourge Fire 100ASE
Scourge OK5%stackable
Sniper Rifles
Tankman’s Shield Shock OK5%stackable
Wedding Invitation 50ASE shock
Lyuda RackAttack100
Malak’s Bane Fire 50ASE shock
Krakatoa SwapClone130
Krakatoa OK5%stackable
Krakatoa 50ASE shock
Malak’s Bane Cryo 250Phasecast
Malak’s Bane Cryo SNTL100
Malak’s Bane Fire 250Phasecast

I’m looking for SNTL/Phasecast/GammaBurst anointed stuff (I’m still looking for some top gear) or God Rolls Class Mods or Artifacts

Just let me know what you have to trade !

See You !

EDIT 1 : here is the list of which specific gear I’m looking for

Lucky 7 SNTL/Phasecast
Breath of the Dying SNTL/Phasecast
Bekah(scoped) SNTL/GB
Rowan’s Call RAD SNTL/GB
Hellwalker SNTL/GB
One Pump Chump SNTL/Phasecast
Garcia SNTL/Phasecast
Cutsman Corro (94% projectile speed) GB
Recursion x2 Corro/Shock Phasecast
Recursion x2 Rad/Fire SNTL
Recursion x2 Cryo/Fire GB

Hello i take your brainstormer m4p5 hyperfocus xz41. I have the bitch phasecast 50% status effect chance after ase ion cannon same as before. Feral boomer fire element same as other two and laser-sploder with 250 weapon damage after ase - corrosive and radiation elements. Other weapons not mentioned.

Well, sorry but I don’t need that gear :sweat_smile:
I’ll edit my post to list what specific gear I’m looking for :wink:

I have a sntl hellwalker. I want your corrosive lob with 125 ase splash.

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Fair trade ! What’s your psn ?


fr sent, I’ll be online later this evening and I’ll send you the Lob as required ^^


Interested in your Lob Corrosive 125 ASE…I have a Dueling Lucky 7 SNTNL . Name is same as PSN. Also have a huge list of items you can check out on my post overflowing banks…

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Hi, I’m interested in your x6 fire and shock consecutive hits dictators, and I have the garcia and one pump chump, both sntnl anointed. PSN: TheNimbusKid

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Unfortunately I already sent the Corro Lob to another player ^^’
But if I find another one, it will be yours ! :hugs:

fr sent so we can trade asap :slight_smile:

Closed at OP’s request.