Have x8, fearmongers, +5 phalanx doctrine bloodletter, +5 mirv shotty, gamma guns& much more...seeking specific items

I have a x8 cryo & x8 shock for trade + other things too! Such as +5 phalanx Doctrine bloodletter w/ smg damage, pistol damage & grenade damage…god roll gamma burst items… probably any grenade you seek, last stand deathless artifacts, &/or you might want a shield that will push Moze over the 50k shield mark-well I have that too…

LF tsunami with ASE next 2 mags radiation,
Tedior homing & +5 mirv guns (w/ element)
Weapons with while auto bear is active regen ammo (especially Vladof)
Fire butcher w/ ASE next 2 mags cryo,
Score 621 (no negative) faisors or only -5 %,
Faisors with terror anointments,
Last stand deathless artifacts
The rolls do matter-but I am willing to work with you. Dm me & Bring the good stuff if interested. Thank you for your time!

I have that tsunami with shock damage instead of radiation

I would love to have the rad version as I then can stack multiple elements @ 1 time.

Interested in that x8 cryo and bloodletter I’ll be home in like 2 hrs what’s ur GT

I’m working. What was it that you were going to trade me again?

I have one faisor that I have to double check and I believe I’m getting another one with some percs you’ll want. Will follow up with you tonight if that’s cool. Mainly want that x8 cryo fearmonger.

Sounds like a plan. Please update with specs.
Also any faisors with ASE fire on next 2 mags would be cool. Except for fire with fire mags