Have you attempted/will attempt to platinum TPS?

Just found out that I am the ninth fastest person to 100% this game, and it was done 100% legit! (My PSN is Megadeth_Mayhem). So awesome to hear. It’ll get beat in the future but it’s cool to see for now. My college courses for canceled for a period of time so I had a lot of time on my hand. The only pain in the butt trophy was the challenges one, but everything else was pretty straightforward.

Have you attempted/will attempt to platinum/100% this game?


I’m not a PLer, so no. I’ve only ever PL one game in my life… and Borderlands is not it.

Which game is it? BL games are a pretty long platinum. Only reason why I did it quick was because I owned the game on Steam and knew my way around everhthing in the game and the fact that I played it a lot. If it weren’t for that and my courses getting canceled it would have taken me three months+ if that’s all I played.

It was Mass Effect 2. I wasn’t even trying to PL it either, it just kinda happened.

Yeah, TPS platinum & 100% here, too. Was one of my easier plats. That chart’s not updated for the Holodome, which came out on Dec. 16. Those dates are in November & at that time platinum was equivalent to 100%. So, you were one of the first to platinum it! Congrats. I got plat for BL2 too but can’t bring myself to 100% it because of the Hammerlock DLC, which I found uninteresting. May try to finish some day.

How is it? Is it tougher than TPS? I’m guessing it isn’t since we won’t need to do those grinder challenges. Those were a pain. Cost me 20m to buy white weapons to grind since farming for them took a long time.

I’m now playing BL2 (I played the Steam version but never finished it) and am attempting to platinum that too, but 100% looks like it will take a while.

I think the BL2 plat was more difficult than TPS. The Guardian Hunter mission in TPS made some of the gun challenges trivial (those point-blank shotgun kills)! But, BL2 is fun, especially if you find some good people to play with.

Nope. I have no interest in getting a platinum on TPS.

Can’t disagree on that. Those guardians really helped me a lot.

Not to get off topic, but is there a part in the story of BL2 where you have an unlimited spawn of enemies like the guardians in TPS? Only enemy that I’ve seen that spawns infinitely is the enemy at the Marcus Ammunition gun range in Sanctuary.

Borderlands 1 is a super easy platinum, I got it without trying. (Getting 100% with DLCs is hard though, since Underdome and DLC4s stupid collectathons)

No infinite spawns but I got the shotgun one finished in the Caustic Caverns (those bug creatures are easy to kill). Here’s a site I go to for hints on getting platinum –


I know that there is not a better feeling of a trophy popping up but I got 100% too

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Grats :slight_smile: I’m attempting BL2 now and it looks like it’s going to take way longer because of the DLC

It will my friend! and you are going to dream with Jimmy Jenkins if you do it =P

What does it mean to 'Platinum" something?

If it’s a BL2 inside joke then I don’t know it. Not that far into the story yet :grimacing:

It’s when you got all the game’s trophies in PSN, you gain an extra “platinum” trophy.

Yup, what the above user said. It’s a PS3 term.

Ah… Playstation, thanks!

Did anyone else notice that Bl1s platinum trophy says it’s requirement is “beat all bosses”, which is not true, like every other Platnium you need all trophys, and there are bosses that don’t need killing to get it.