Have You Ever Found A Pearl In The Gift Shop?


Have ya?

Also, what’s the deal with Eridian weapons of rarities blue or higher?

I know they were introduced in the Knoxx DLC but I swear either in my intensive Crawmoury farming back on my PS3 days and my much less extensive current farming on PS4 I have never seen one.

I heard a rumour from a friend online that Master McCleod can drop them, is this true?

Pearls can’t be obtained outside of the Knoxx DLC, and even in the DLC they can only be found in crimson lance chests (as far as getting them from chests is concerned anyway). Craw can (obviously) drop them, drifters can drop them, and some of the different BA lance guys can drop certain peals as well.

As far as the blue/legendary eridian guns go, they’re also insanely rare (which doesn’t mean that they’re actually good).

As far as I know McCleod only ever drops a green eridian gun (that’s all I’ve ever seen him drop).


My mind is blown by this Pearl only from Crimson Lance chests / Crawmerax / those few other baddies thing.

Holy s%#t!!!

I guess I had stupidly assumed that they just became part of the loot pool after the release of the Knoxx DLC.



Thank you very much!

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No problem.

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You mean these Eridians?

Yeah, they are rare AF. If you thought hunting pearls was bad, these things are worse. The other two legendaries (stampeding spatter gun and eridian firebomb) and the rare green (rolling spatter gun) are even rarer still. The mega cannon is the most common of the lot, and it’s still a miracle finding just one.

As for how good they are… They’re bastards to aim, take forever to recharge, and the mega cannon’s blasts move so slow you can sidestep them unless you’re in a tight corridor. Most of their value is in the “HOLY ■■■■ LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND!” category. And again, only found in the Knoxx dlc. If a Lance trooper is firing an eridian weapon at you, 99.999% of the time it’ll be a standard cannon/rifle/flaregun/glob gun, but every once in a while, when the moon turns hot pink and starts doing the macarena in the sky, they’ll drop an eridian legendary. And they can be found in Lance chests. I found both of mine inside the Armory itself


As for the eridian guns taking forever to recharge, the peculiar thing is that each eridian gun have its own seperated ammo pool that keeps continiously recharging. So if you have multiple eridian weapons you can neutralize this disadvantage, by switching gun once one is dry.

Something like this:

At this point I’ve found 6 eridian mega cannons, 2 firebombs, but have yet to find single stampeding splatter gun.
I’m pretty sure those weapons can only spawn in lance chests like pearls, other than being random drops from specific list of enemies in game. My first Mega Cannon dropped from random shock lance soldier.


My god, there is even something that I’ve been missing all this time, a gun that’s just as rare?



How close do you actually look at the greens, though, once you have the best of all of them? (I do, but I’m a collector-slash-hoarder XD::: ) This thing is the Stampeding Spatter Gun’s little brother. My co-op partner has a low-level one, but I am on the hunt for a high-level one, so I’m looking more carefully at boxes of green Eridians than I would otherwise. This thing is just as rare as its big brother, though


Splat! Sploch! Spluch! That’s my brain reacting.

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XD Sound effects included?

The pertinent bits of the Rolling Spatter. Like its corrosive cousins, this thing is not subtle when it fires XD At least the noise makes it easy to tell when someone’s got an Eridian weapon on them

The Rolling Spatter is frequently looked down on because it’s only a green (looking at you here, Kurtdawg), but it’s a rare freaking Eridian that very few people have. So GIMME.


I knew the moon was acting a little funny right before that one Lance guy dropped this…

(yeah when I saw that lying there I basically lost my s***) :smiley:


sorry this is offtopic but I wanted to fully break down eridian rarity for everyone.

(this is all assuming you are opening lance chests frequently and/or killing many many badass corrisive or flame lance)

You can relatively easily find all green eridians in the game (rarest being knoxx released ones - (flame, splat, glob gun, rolling spatter)
As stated above - the green rolling spatter gun is the rarest green eridian, but it’s only roughly as rare as the blue rarity fireball. You can expect to find a fireball about as much as you’d find a decently rare pearl - a Serpens for example.

Of the 3 legendary eridians - The mega cannon is much rarer the fireball but is the least rare of the legendarys (about as rare as finding the rarest pearls in a chest (nemesis, stalker, aries).

The Firebomb and Stampeding Spatter guns are about equal rarity to one another but extremely rare. It is not unreasonable to go thousands of hours farming lance chests and not even see a single one.


Those are some amazing finds guys…

Are ANY of the Eridian weapons actually good?

Like actually worth using and building up proficiencies with good?

I’ve always essentially just ignored them…

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I just use them for the weapons proficiencies. If you want to try them go ahead, just have several equipped and remember that the aim is skewed to the left usually, even with a scope.


Cool, thanks!

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A bit late here but I’m bored so…no… eridians are absolute garbage. A plauge. Especially since they spawn in Lance chest so much. Even with a perfect EW Com and the best possible stats, you’re better off using a green maliwan repeater. The sheer novelty of finding an orange or blue one is their sole benefit. Also…all of them except the rifle? I think? Slow down your movement speed. As if they didn’t suck enough.

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