Have you ever named something after a Borderlands character or weapon?

As what the title says. “Have you ever named something after a Borderlands character or weapon?”
It can be your pet, computer, phone, television, bicycle etc. I have named many of my Linux VM’s after characters from the Borderlands series before and I also named my Chromecast “Lucid Plasma Caster” after the Corrosive SMG by Maliwan.

How about you?

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Somewhere I have a small flash memory called Tiny Tina lol. That’s all… for now

Does naming your first born “Loader Bot” counts?


In FO4 I name my own modified items after BL1 gear.
If I ever gett a dog of my own, he/she will be named either Mordi or Gaige.

I’ve made several weapons in Skyrim that are named after Bandit guns. For example, I made a bow called Hed Shoter! and a two-handed axe called oberkil!

I used the name of one of Tiny Tina’s twins as the answer to a security question when I changed a password. I’m waiting for the time when I forget my password and the person at the end of the phone line asks who my favorite teacher was.

A Friend of mine once dated a girl named after an SMG.

Everyone called her a Social Bitch.

Never knew that gun was so popular.