Have you ever seen Epic E-tech Pistols?

Do you guys have seen epic rarity (purple) e-tech pistols?
Epic E-tech SMG, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Heavy? Yes
Epic E-tech Pistol? Nope
I played 25 days but I couldn’t see any of this. And I remember there is a bug that didn’t spawn Maliwan Cryo Pistol at Borderlands: The Pre-sequel!. So… Can it be similar thing happen in Borderlands 3?

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No, I’ve seem some in game, the Torgue Carbuncle is a pretty good one, it’s a pistol with 8 sticky projectiles (probably variable) and elemental.

Edit: I think all pistol manufacturers except Jakobs and Atlas have a variant. And Jakobs has the King/Queen’s Call.

Is there any backstory as to why there are no alien variants for Jakobs and Atlas? Maybe they will be included in future DLC. But alien barrels are my favorite to use, and I like using Jakobs, so seeing alien Jakobs outside the legendary gun would be something I’d much like to see.

As an epic quality? I’ve only seen them spawn blue (rare) never epic…

Now you got me, I didn’t pay attention to the OP and don’t remember if it was Epic :thinking:

Jakobs because their only elementals are unique weapons afaik. Atlas too, but in their case it’s more because they got were made cheap on BL3 and have very few unique guns and less variety in the weapon types.

An Alien Jakobs could still be kinetic, it would probably adopt more explosive splash properties with an alien influence. Maybe it would also adopt some self homing property. So it would become like a Atlas Torgue hybrid. If you observe many of the other alien barrels act like a mix-n-match of other weapon manufacturers attributes.

That would be interesting, or maybe the ammo return the Jakobs legendaries have.

TBH, for both Atlas and Jakobs, just having alien barrels with elemental damage for their regular guns would already be a big plus.

The queens + king’s calls are pistols and the rowans call is an ar all are jakobs with an alien barrel with elements and all are epic so just atlas is the only one without alien tech

Yes, but those are legendary examples and the legendary don’t always need to act like the other rarity variants, which Jakobs has none under legendary status. Just look at the Fearmonger, it is a legendary alien barrel for Hyperion, but shoots entirely different than the Hyperion host shotguns which is the alien variant.

The Maliwan Devourer is nice, but yeah only blue no purples.