Have you ever wondered why?

In my first new topic post, I’ll pose a few questions that veteran players might know the answer(s).

  1. I was trying to collect the scalp of Knuckledragger through melee, and he never gave up his hair. As a boss, is he immune to such collection?

  2. If you enter the map from the Southern Shelf barrier, you will encounter Knuckledragger and a baby monglet. Although the monglet can be killed by a shotgun, the player does not get credit for it in the Badass Token tallies. That is a shame because I grind this place every level.

If I am wrong about either of the two observations, please verify. Thank you, Andy Rooney.

  1. You need regular Bullymongs, not Knuckledragger, for hair for that mission (the one where Claptrap asks you to collect them?) I usually grab this from the little mob on the way to Southern Shelf Bay.

  2. I don’t know about the monglet not awarding credits.

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Whenever killing something doesn’t seem to advance a particular challenge progress, it’s worth double-checking whether something else is going on first. Most often, this happens because the target actually died of a DoT status effect rather than the raw projectile damage from the shotgun. This could be due to using an elemental weapon or - more subtly - due to skill tree perks effectively ‘stealing’ the kill. Check your build, and see if anything is triggering when you hit the target (either on a prior kill, by activating your action skill, or by taking damage)

Yup, the game is full of mysterious workings behind the curtain. I finally decided to head to the Slaughterhouse to bump up the Bad Ass points for crit hits with the shotgun, using a Jakobs model.

I discovered the easiest way to get the Bad Hair Day side mission done in UHVM was to let Savage Lee to do the work. That guy is like having Krieg on your team.

The other easy way is to wait with the mission until you have a Sawblade Technical. The blades count as melee damage, which makes the mission quite easy.

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