Have You Seen These Guns?

The über rares.

The Holy Grails.

Please weigh in here if you have seen / found any of these weapons, and, if so, which ones:

Pearlescents (I have only found 3 - Serpens, Tsunami, Alacritous Rose shield)

Greater than green rarity Eridian weapons

Reaper (the only legendary i have yet to see)

Ajax Ogre

Thanks in advance!

I’ve gotten a number of Pearlescents, namely 2 Avengers, 2 Serpenses, a Tsunami, a Bessie and an Undertaker. I’ve also gotten a Reaper from Craw once.

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I have found multiples of all Pearlescents and 5 Reapers(one a level 69 item of the day).

Never found better than green erids, and constantly farm for Ajax ogre with no luck.

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I could swear that I have one of the more rare Eridian weapons, but it’s been ages since I’ve played BL1.

2 Serpens’, 2 Stalkers, 2 Tsunami’s, Aries, Avenger, Jackal.

Have found exactly one Reaper in the span of 4 years.

I might ad that I never saw a above green Eridian. Those things are absurdly rare, blues easily compare with pearls rarity wise.

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I’ve found about 10 pearls in 440 hours of play. (Ironclad, Rose, Undertaker x2, Serpens, Avenger, Nemesis, Jackal x2, Bessie x2)
I don’t really keep track of Reapers, but I’ve seen a handful. Probably no more than 5 though.
Here’s the best Reaper I’ve seen, the rest have been unspectacular.

Oh, and none of the rare eridians.

In terms of Pearls I’ve found several Undertakers (more like 40), Tsunamis, Rose shields and Jackals. Found a few Serpens, Nemesis’, Omega shields and Avengers. Never found more than five Bessies or Ironclad shields. Only ever seen three Aries revolvers spawn, and only two Stalkers spawn.

I tried literally for months since the beginning of 2012 to search for Pearls just so I could say I’ve seen one spawn in person, but that I would stop myself two weeks before Borderlands 2 releases so I could just goof off in BL1 before jumping into BL2. I failed to get a Stalker to spawn by my early September deadline, so I just traded for one. The next day a friend of mine asked for an Eridian weapon so he could get his, so I stopped by the Armory to get him one since it’s the fastest way to get one. Naturally I get a fanged Stalker during that run, and rage + excitement ensued.

For Eridian weapons I’ve found 3 or 4 Mega Cannons and 3 Fireballs. Never seen the other two orange Eridian weapons.

I’ve actually been fortunate enough to see quite a few Reapers drop since I started playing, although only one has great parts.

I got an Ajax Ogre last July, and I wasn’t even focusing on farming for it really. Only thing that sucks about it is the body (HVY), so the fire rate is only half of what it could be. Damage is max though, so Metal Storm makes up for the slow FR.

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Consider me jelly. Though, since my Reaper is mat1 it has the Grim prefix, making for a decent name. lol

Yeah, well. While I was going on about how good it was, the person I was playing with picked it up.

A random I asume?
If so, reasons why its better to solo or play with friends.

The Reaper is too funny.

So ridiculously rare, but its special wffect is glitched…

Nope, somebody I met… huh. Somehow. Maybe through the forums. PMd them earlier today. Anyway, I know where that gun is. I just need to get the nerve to ask for the gun if it’s cool with them.

Which is a shame, melee Mordi would love it. If it gave the advertised melee damage.


Got an Ajax Ogre and Reaper but the Reaper is nearly yellow rather than orange.
Quite a few Pearls and once had a Blue Eridian.

Yes to everything but a legit Ajax Ogre and Reaper pistol (I think, I might’ve come across one but if so way back in the day so who knows if it was legit or if I’m remembering finding something else)

I have found 3 reapers, and justed a few pearls. 1 half-acceptable nemesis, 2 crappy ironclads, crappy omega, crappy undertaker, and just a couple days ago I found my first bessie (also crappy).

Found one blue eridian (I think). The one that says something about bat guano.

100+ pearls, 4 mega cannons, way to many reapers to count, 4 ajax ogres, no to the other orange eridians in the probably 4000 hours of game play I have invested in this game. goood luck.

3 Undertakers, 4 Tsunamis (I left one to rot (Thumper)), 2 Nemesis’, 1 Jackal, 1 Avenger, 1 Bessie.
3 Ajax Ogres. First 2 were HVY 30, the third is AR 20. I kept the third one.
No Blue or Orange Eridians.
No Reapers.

Lost count a while back, but I have found every pearl at least once, the mega cannon, I think all 3 blue eridians and several reapers, and had a non-AR Ajax Ogre drop once in solo-play. Still haven’t found the other legendary Eridian (Stampeding Spatter Gun?), also have yet to find maxed examples of most of the loyalty coms and Specter com (I think I have a maxed Truxican Wrestler com), though I have seen plenty of not maxed examples.

I’ve found 1 Avenger, 1 Stalker, 2 Serpens, 2 Undertakers, 1 Jackal, 1 Aries, 1 rose and 2 Ironclads.

I’ve also found lots of Reapers, 5 I think.

1 blue Fire Eridian.

Never had an Ajax Ogre or other rare Eridians.