Have you used a DLC character in BL2?

I played as Gaige so yes. Im not talking about just mains either.

  • Yes
  • No

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i played gaige 99% of the time


Once I got Krieg I rarely played anybody else.

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Gaige and maya were my babes.

also Aurelia but whats TPS???


Gaige main here.

No. Or, kind of, when I first tried out the game with my older cousin, I played a few hours of Gaige, but never in my own playthrough.
Nothing against those characters though, I only really played Zer0 and Axton.

in pre sequel as well and would usei n bl3 aswell

■■■■ your shift data

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At first when I used Krieg I thought I wouldn’t like a melee-type VH but after a long while he grown to me. He tied as my #1 pick along with Maya for me

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