Haven't gotten maliwan legendary yet

I still haven’t gotten my Maliwan Legendary Weapon, nor the early adopter pack despite having already completed all of it. Has it just not been released yet, or am I missing something?


I’m having the same issue, I’ve had all the required checkmark for over a week and it still hasn’t shown up in my rewards or ingame mail

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Same here, mate. Still no Maliwan gun or adopter pack. I’m also missing a few cosmetic packs, save for the retro and neon.

same :rage::rage:

Yeah indont have mine either

I’ve not recieved my Legendary Maliwan Hellfire…Why?Untitled0 Untitled Untitled2

Its missing from my in game mailbox for borderlands 3 on Ps4.
My Psn: Techmagi
Please see attatchments to verify I’ve qualified for the weapon.
Also a Moze Absolute Zero cosmetic for her mec is missing too.

I have not received the Maliwan weapon, Daisy Marshal, Poison Fastblast +, Relentless Puma, 5 keys, or CoV Inespensuv Shredda. all I got was the echo skin and trinket

Same as with ArchonFett.

Bougth the broken cat head for Mose and got that but none other than the echo-skin and that has come to my in-game inventory.

I have not received the Mailwan Hellfire either. Everything else came through, but not the Maliwan even though I met the criteria and check boxes.

I haven’t received my Maliwan Legendary either despite all 8 boxes checked off, and never got a notification. I received everything else in the mail except the only thing I bought all that other crap for, the Mailwan Legendary >.>

Hi Guys,

I am on xbox and havent had any issues with getting the guns from the VIP and getting the maliwan legendary.
A few things to check off is;
Make sure your VIP account is linked to your PSN/Xbox account in your VIP profile.
Mine automatically signed me in on the game but my mate on PS4 had to actually go in to the Shift page in the game menu to sign in… check this
Once you have done/checked those steps. Save and Quit game, then close the game back to your dashboard for the console and restart.
Hope i helped :slight_smile:

I havent even used my Maliwan Legendary as it is level 12 and im already on the second playthrough in TVHM as a level 45 Siren. You get sooooo many other legendarys so do not stress.
I have 26 and counting…

Haven’t received my legendary weapon

Absolutely nothing under Social > Email when you pause the game?