Haven't played in over a month, are old weapons good again?

After a week into Mayhem 2.0 I have stopped playing until there are much needed fixes. From what I remember the game was unplayable. Has the scaling with older weapons became better? & how was the new fine tuning patch? I mostly hear bad things…

And we are just waiting them to nerf every viable weapon with the next DLC


Damn I guess I’ll go another month before I can play again.

A handful of SMG’s that you probably never used including one that was a story mission reward got buffs that you would only notice when building around the gameplay loop of the weapon.

Tldr: Nope.


The short answer is no.

Nooooooooope. Not even close. As other said, they buffed some weapons that were not really usable in M4 because they are determined to drive playstyles no one wants to play.

Wow I dont know what’s going on with this game anymore. I guess I’ll have to wait another month to play

The 25th is when all the good scaling stuff happens and dlc3 comes out

The way game companies handle their business is so anti-efficient. They put out new content, see that the content creators aren’t playing with the gear they want them to, make major nerf’s and ignore the major issues plaguing the game prior to the new content being released. They wait for the backlash they’ll receive, say they’ll fix it, make a crap ton of buffs, but in the end it just breaks more things that maybe had worked initially. It’s a cruel and vicious cycle that needs to stop.


Honestly I had zero issues what so ever with this game and most people didnt. Well serious issues atleast, why did they even create mayhem 2.0 it wasnt needed and only caused issues and major backlash?

I would have agreed with this without hesitation before phase 1 patch landed, now I don’t know if it will be really good or we get 10 weapons we forgot we had buffed and a new bag o bugs.

Probably because a few people were saying stuff had got too easy, facerolling bosses was no fun (For them) They wanted to be “Challenged” so wave one was, here you go try these crazy modifiers that can cripple your dps or just kill you outright. Got a grip on that have you? All right then here’s your challenge in Guardian Takedown.

I’m sure that the adjustment hotfix notes will inform us that a decimal point was missed or a 1 was not carried but I can believe the difficulty spike was intended to test the desire for a challenge.

Has led to some amusing posts though. :grin:

To indulge a selected number of people who wanted a comic book looking, pandorean-style looty-shooty rendition of Dark Souls or Cuphead. And now we have Mayhem 2.0, a mixed bag of a lot of bad ideas and a few poorly implemented good ones, so now not only it doesn’t actually appease the majority to those selected people, it has also changed and/or ruined the game experience of those who didn’t want it in the first place.

I have a nagging feeling that the game will become truly enjoyable once they’ve actually moved on from the game and are done messing around with balances and updates.

I nerfed Koason and buffed some SMGs to make them use other SMGs besides Koason.
The result was throwing out the SMG category and having OPQs and Monarchs.

It was a meaningless nerf.

I would say that the Monarch still works but lets not tell GB that.