Haven't played since Thrall Rebellion. What's new?

I’ve been away from Battleborn for a while. I left just before Thrall Rebellion was released and figured I’d try and get back into things since I’m bored of most everything else I’ve got and I’m avoiding my backlog like the plague. I was rank 100 and level 9-15 with all battleborn released at that point. What has happened since then? I know we have the Operations and the hero Beatrix, but I’m curious what else has been going on. Anything I should be aware of/new features/etc? Also, I’m too lazy to search through maybe 4-6 months of content which is why I made this post.


Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar. I wasn’t particularly fond of ops 2-4, but the last one is amazing. It’s VERY difficult (the boss not so much) and each playthrough tells a different piece of a story, as with the other ops, but it’s a direct continuation of the main story and has a “plot twist” ending. It expands on the lore of the Thrall and the Aztanti, as well as closing the holes in the Varelsi story. I’d recommend playing it solo, so you get to hear the ten parts of the story in order, then try playing it at 100 ops points with three players for a real challenge.


I can recommend Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar and Montana and the Demon Bear Ops.

The Phoebe Op is for anyone who’s into the lore and story of the game.

The Montana Op is for anyone who wants more of a challenge.

Both are great though, especially the Phoebe Op as it has a more serious tone rather than pumping out as many references and jokes as possible (even though there certainly is Gearbox humour in there).

As for the characters (from a PvP perspective), I’d recommend this thread;

The tier-list is specifically based off of Meltdown, but is for the most part transferable to other game modes. I linked this thread on to another post, to which the author replied;

But there are certainly deviations in the tier itself though the points may remain valid. For instance, I could see Miko being tier B in Incursion and Attikus being tier B in Capture/Face-Off.