Havent seen 1 Toby since the winter update

I guess that shows just how OP his double hug really was. I’m level 14 with Beatrix already and havent seen not one Toby player in the past like 50 matches. I never really played as Toby, was he that reliant on his double hug or is this just some unspoken protest against its nerf.

No, he isn’t. It’s more that very few people even played hm in the first place, and he has bad synergy with Beatrix since he both doesn’t benefit from attack speed and has a charge-type weapon, while wanting to fight from longer range than she does. As for the Double Hug, if you build Toby correctly you can still instant-kill most squishy characters with one stun. It’s just not particularly worthwhile.

On PSN, I can name maybe three people that ever mained Toby: myself, HumanHack, and HandsomeCam. No one else has the patience for the playstyle.

I mean, I play Tobby pretty well on XB1. (I did get ~21 kills one match, though I wasn’t able to help much with minion waves, sadly.)

While the Double Hug adjustments are unfortunate, they certainly don’t make him useless, or any more difficult. Just means you won’t be able to chain-stun people who get into melee range, or stun two people who you don’t like.

Not to mention it is still possible to get instant-cooldown Arc Mines, just requires specific Helix choices.

Scratch that, can only get it to around 2 second cooldown with his Legendary’s CDR. (Despite me technically having over 100% cooldown reduction if it all adds up, now that messes up all my plans.)

AHEM Don’t forget about me! :sweat:

I still see him on Xbox. The good Toby’s never seemed to rely on double hug anyway.

I think Beatrix is the main reason we don’t see many Toby’s now. I don’t really play Toby but I think Beatrix would be a good counter pick for him.

Toby either completely runs the show or is shut down entirely and I think having Beatrix in almost every match makes the Toby’s a little shy.

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I played a match against you yesterday and I believe you picked Miko.

Did my team end up winning? It was a very close match. I believe there was a last minute bum rush.

Oh I remember, no, we lost. I should not have played support, our randoms were too scared to push. I think it was Oscar Mike who brought down our sentry’s shield somehow in the last 2 minutes. Then, we rushed your sentry and took its shield down just as the timer expired. If we had at least one more second, we would have ended up in a draw.

Yeah someone brought the shield down, probably OM, and I got a few good chomps on the sentry before running back to base to try and stop your push. it was intense. I was scrabbling to stun bene and Beatrix at the last second.

My randoms weren’t following up what I was setting up. A healer would have helped too. :grinning:

XD good times. If you ever want to play, send me a message or an invite. I play a mean Toby. My friend Nox plays a crazy good Beatrix and Alani. We’d be unstoppable :p, just like that one day. Muahahhahaa.

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I think I’ll do that. We were unstoppable when we teamed up.

No, its that Beatrix has penetrating shots when aiming down sights, and I can’t tell if its intended, but it F’s up Toby. Shots go through his shield and really murder him.

What you think is double hug is actually just a Beatrix meta.

I main Toby for sniping on both Xbox and PS4. Got the “Pentastrike!” title on both consoles because of him. (Disclaimer: They were both achieved in Bots Battle but he’s still my go-to for sniping in PVP. Also, can I just say how great Bots Battle is? Thanks to Toby my best game was a 48/0 K/D. Got a couple pentakills that game and lots of good progress for “Fours Sensitive”.)