Having a Blast, Badass style

I just wanted to reach out and say good job to those who created Battleborn. The only factor that ever concerns me with a game is if I’m having fun and I definitely am. Some positivity on forums can be rare so figured I’d inject a little. Kelvin alone makes me want to play the game. After years of FPS games with cutting edge weapontry there is something so satisfying about lumbering up to someone and biting them to death.


I agree, it’s nice to have a game that breaks away from the norm a bit. It is a fun game and has earned any praise it gets.


Totally agree!’ I was game sharing it from a friend too try it out and after 30+ hours and reaching command rank 30 I just bought the digital deluxe edition. Absolutely love this game! Only begun to scratch the surface of the characters I’ve got isic to 13 Oscar mike to 12 and miko to 8. Im thoroughly jones ing to play more Battleborn been a long time since I’ve gotten hooked by game like this


I’m having an absolute blast - I’ve got about 91h in the Final Release and 50h in the Open Beta. It might not be the perfect game, but it definitely is fun!

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amen. But as a poor chap who has been facing down a Kelvin I’m gonna say that the hilarity there makes this game all the better. What other game exists where you can hear a team mate scream "oh god no! Kelvin you bastard I’m not a cookie! "



I absolutely am having a blast with this game. The theme, the art, the atmosphere, the voice acting, the dualogue, the gameplay, the replayability of tthe Raid Bosses, its all so very rewarding.


:heart: POSITIVITY EXPLOSION!!! :heart:
So happy to read your topic and all the positive posts! The last 2 weeks in this forums were rather sad, its good to see I´m not alone having a blast with Battleborn! :smiley:

Me & my fiance had an awesome time so far. Battleborn is rather a lifesaver to me, otherwise I´d drown in my burnout-syndrome…
Just wished my Dad would still be here so we could play togeher as we planned, he would have loved Attikus!^^

PS: Your very first topic and its a positive one - You are like a double rainbow combined with a unicorn! :heart: If I could I´d make you a Community Badass!

That level of positivity is impossible. Sorry but if that were the case the planet would be under siege by fuzzy singing teddy bears and explode into confetti. Seeing as how I’m not under said siege, maybe not a unicorn. But for sure double rainbow. :grin:

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Since there seems to but some positivity in this post unlike most. Can someone answered this for me: During character select in multi-player mode, what do the gold colored stands mean under some players?

Deluxe owners

Ah. Thanks