Having a blast in bot battles - so nice to enjoy this game

Thanks for the update! did a bunch of matches and having a great time

Might suggest that matches start when everyone readies up. Feels like we sometimes wait 30 seconds for no reason after characters are chosen.

Can we have a fast button to loot packs, overwatch style? Right now you have to go through nested menus.

I would boost money and in-game leveling in capture to 3-4x faster so we can actually use our later abilities and be able to activate more expensive loot items. Do this in pretty much all pvp modes in general.

Now it actually feasible to stream battleborn pvp!

Lastly I would suggest a 1.5 or 2x harder bot difficulty option with bonus rewards. Bot battles are mostly landslides right now.

Still find it too easy to lose my target when i’m melee. Everytime they move off my screen I am basically searching for them again which isn’t how any pvp game would ever play. Melee have no option to backup and survey the scene because they will just take damage.

A lock-on perhaps, even a mild one? man that would be awesome.


Capture already feels way unbalanced and too fast and you want all of this to be 3-4x faster and in all modes? I would quit the same day.

Please, no. There is really no problem with that at all. If we go for the lock-on, then lets do that to Benedict too, because why not. This game would be 0 skill anyway from that point.

nah you mistake my words

I don’t want matches to be 3-4x shorter, I just want us to be able to unlock more abilities and activate more loot before a match ends. This has ALWAYS been an issue especially in capture. Vast majority of the time the entire last half of your abilities never come up. Using legendaries in capture is also tough because you don’t get that much currency to activate stuff.

There has been COUNTLESS complaints on visibility and losing targets for melee. Battleborn has the narrowest view of any MOBA or arena style game in existence. The ranged guys already have varying amounts of auto-aim that melee gets zero benefit from. Guy takes 2 steps to the left and you completely lose them, frequently during a canned attack animation. Turning is not an easy mouse turn on consoles, you are using a thumbstick and basically spinning trying to figure out where your target went. Meanwhile the ranged is just backing up diagonally and shooting you.

The opposite is still an issue as well. Frequently when melee’ing a large character you can’t see anything even with effects turned down. You just see a giant body mass blocking your ENTIRE view. Melee already has to reach you but the game makes visibility a core issue for them as well. This is really not great design and it is interesting that battleborn specifically chose to block entire viewports for characters in a pvp game, as part of normal activity.

Its like being a samurai swordsman attacking the side of a barn from 1 foot away. Nothing about it is realistic or sensible from a design aspect.

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Also one thing I learned is you can complete some of the generic PvP lore challenges and daily/weekly quests in bot battles. It works as long as it does not require action to a specific Battleborn. Like “kill ambra 5 times”.

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Yes, now that we have to wait through both full countdowns (character select and getting “ready”) no matter if everyone is actually all ready or not, it’s making getting into a game take even longer.

Has anyone encountered or know if Overgrowth is in the Bot battles?

No Overgrowth in bots battle.

That’s so you can pee. :slight_smile:

They implement this, and Melka will truly be dead.

I’ve found the best success (Still super unreliable and discombobulating) to pump the sensitivity to max, and sneak in rapid glances at the radar through your peripheral.

The tracking problem is one of the reasons double/higher jumps are so lauded by this community. They allow you a better FOV.

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Any reason? Honestly I would love for them to add it in and replace Snow blind capture, Not sure if anyone has experience this but some of the bots get stuck in the spawn area and never come out.

I was relaibably finding 5 man teams for bots battle past midnight. Some of the other PvE modes were sparse at that time which I would expect. But is this mode really more populated?

Agreed - I’ve jumped back in and I’m having a great time. You can use characters that aren’t used much anymore in competitive situations and just have fun. This mode needs to stay and not be rotated out.

It helps seperate the people in it for fun, versus the people in it with pre planned premades . Also, Ghalt Bot has like 100% accuracy, my bud was steadily sniped down as Benedict lol.

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Makes sense

No, that would ruin the pace and it’s already pretty good


Yeah, I think increasing enemy exp rates would do that nicely

To quote me, “NO

Yeah, that was in the notes. And is like half the point

Tis true

Botbattles need to stay! Omg it is so much fun, as a pve player that is. Games start fast too. Here are some suggestions :

  • since AI can’t be tweak much, maybe just cheat and make them slightly stronger (not by much, just a little)
  • add Overgrowth to the pool
  • make daily challenge to kill with an ultimate count
  • allow all versus lore challenges unlockable (aka assist kill Ambra and Mike)
  • since Meltdown Finale is shorter, starts at lvl3 like Capture too? Maybe? Just in botbattles though