Having a hard time choosing my first vault

Am I the only one having a hard time deciding which vault Hauteur to play first?

My favorite part of borderlands game has always been using your skill and dealing elemental damage. So I naturally goes with the sirens (TPS has been done first with claptrap, I mean I could not wait to play claptrap!).

I was going for Amara as soon as I seen the elemental tree. That look so awesome to spread element.

But now that I’ve seen how crazy the gun damage and Crit damage can be with Fl4k I don’t know what to do anymore!

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Have you used the Borderland Skill Tree creator yet to make a build?

Yeah multiple build.

I’m afraid that full elemental with phasegrasp for Amara will be Maya 2.0, so I also made an hybrid of elemental and mystic.

Then for Fl4k I went full Crit and gun damage with smg and low cooldown.

Well I’m going FOTE and Brawl Amara first, I actually love the Phaspgrasp action skill. I think it’s a great solo charactrr with the constant health regen/steal.

But my suggestion is never pick the most powerful build first…I made that mistake with Salvador/Nisha. Takes the fun out of the other characters. In this case I think crit Fl4k is broken.

My order:

  1. Elemental Amara (Prob be my main)
  2. Crit Fl4k (mostly for bossing)
  3. Shield build Moze (Co-Op)
  4. Zane when the level cap increases.

Great advice for the most powerful build I never thought of it this way.

My problem with OP character is that they can be boring pretty quick. I had that with Salvador in BL2, with Nisha in TPS, and with Lilith in BL1.

Yeah the more I think about it, Amara seems to be the more fun but the power of Fl4k is tempting. But I’m still worried to get tired of phasegrasp after all that time with Maya.

When BL2 first came out I was still torn between who to start with. So I started 1 of each and played a little into the game with my top 2 choices and made my decision from there.


Yeah I thought of play one solo and one with friends, then keep the one I like more for finishing the story solo.

Then use other Action Skill. I’m going melee Amara.

Yeah I’m thinking hybrid mystical elemental like the build I linked earlier. But I’ll surely try Ties that bind and Allure from full elemental.

I just tried using the skill tree creator and it works for all characters except FL4K for some reason. The skill trees are filled for the others but the top of the trees for FL4K show it’s broken…hmmmm…

Edit: I see others are having the same problem. I know it worked a few weeks ago but appears to be broken again at the moment. I already decided I’m going with FL4K due to the use of creatures. I’m so ready.

Gotta reply, as i’ve changed my mind 3 times now!! So yeh, not easy making any choice. I’ve watched enough clips of Moze to put me off for now, so I’m going with Zane to 50 as i see him being a really ‘creative’ killer and his Hitman tree sounds and looks great. I’d like to focus on the guns and gunplay so i see him being a good choice. I’ve always played Maya and Lilith, so need to change.

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Just play 'em all. I’ll be starting with at least two, one for my own private playthrough, and one for playing with randoms. And a third for playing with my brother.

I reckon Amara will be the one I start “first”.

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As I cannot for the life of me decide with whom to go first, I’ll just roll a dice.
1 and 2 = reroll
3 = Amara
4 = Fl4k
5 = Moze
6 = Zane

So yeah, on release I let chance handle my fate xD


Can we get some practice rolls in? Do a few sets of 10 rolls spread over a few days and give us the information so we can try to predict your first character :rofl:

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I’m actually gonna play 2 characters at once when the game comes out - Zane co-op with my friend and Moze solo.

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I will definitely post it here when I know the result. Obviously it’s possible that I wake up one day and suddenly know who I’m playing first, but as long as I don’t, it’s up to RNG, like so many things in Borderlands.
I will roll the dice when the game installs, so on September 13th. The less time I have to think about the result the better.

Personally I’m going to go with FL4K, no doubt about it. They just look so powerful with all the health regen and crit bonuses.

I heard pets and was sold on fl4k. Amara will be my second

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